I have seen my first UFO!

On May 25, 2003 at 5:15 am (... but, unfortunately, it was an IFO ...)
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Above the dark cloudy belt I've seen a luminous
object with an edge-on disc shape.
I tried, unsuccesfully, to take a picture of the object, so
increased sensibility and magnification
of my digital camera.
Now I can see it on photos! I also looked for
Venus. It was about 30 degrees apart (on the right
hand, towards East) and not visible in these photos.
In this position I could see the airplane preceding
its wake.

I also had a 7x50 binocular so I had clearly seen the cloudy shape of the "ufo", but the effect appeared unusual in that contest and the object was 5-10 times brighter than Venus; so I continued to take photos. I've seen the plane only about 5 minutes after the beginning, at the time of the last image.
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