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GHCN has changed global temperatures and starting year

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  • Scafetta, 2023. Scafetta N.: CMIP6 GCM Validation Based on ECS and TCR Ranking for 21st Century Temperature Projections and Risk Assessment, Atmosphere, 14,345, 2023.
  • Vose et al., 2023 R. S. Vose, B. Huang, X. Yin, D. Arndt, D. R. Easterling, J. H. Lawrimore, M. J. Menne, A. Sanchez-Lugo, H. M. Zhang: Implementing Full Spatial Coverage in NOAA’s Global Temperature Analysis, Geophysical Research Letters, 48,4, e2020GL090873, 2023.
  • See also all my GHCN NOAA global series (Land+Ocean & Ocean, from November 2011)
  • See also Climate at a Glance (use Globe, not Nation)
    Plots, Figures
    Climate at a Glance (png)
    UAH v6, Jan 2023 (png)
    USCRN Dec. 2022 (png)
    April-May 1951 (gif)animated gif
    22-23-80 (gif)animated gif
    22-23-51 (gif)"
    22-23-97 (gif)"
    22-23-01 (gif)"
    22-23-sst1 (gif)", Ocean temperature
    slope80 (pdf) (png)data from 1880, Jan. 1st
    slope51 (pdf) (png)data from 1951, Jan. 1st
    slope97 (pdf) (png)data from 1997, Jan. 1st
    slope01 (pdf) (png)data from 2001, Jan. 1st

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