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Alpine dendrology & snow cover duration

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  • Carrer et al., 2023. Marco Carrer, Raffaella Dibona, Angela Luisa Prendin & Michele Brunetti: Recent waning snowpack in the Alps is unprecedented in the last six centuries , Nat Clim Change, 2023.
  • Jiang et al., 2015. H. Jiang, R. Muscheler, S. Björck, M.-S. Seide, J. Sjolte, J. Eiríksson, L. Ran, K.-L. Knudsen, and M.F. Knudsen: Solar forcing of Holocene summer sea-surface temperatures in the northern North Atlantic, Geology, 43,3, 203-206, 2015.
  • Meier et al., 2007. Meier, N., Rutishauser, T., Pfister, C., Wanner, H., and Luterbacher, J.: Grape harvest dates as a proxy for Swiss April to August temperature reconstructions back to AD1480, Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, L20705, 2007.
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    Juniper (jpg) 50 to 67 species in different forms (e.g. as tree or shrub)
    Juniper shrub (prostrate) (jpg)taken from
    Marco Carrer's home page
    Bristlecone Pine (jpg)Pino dai coni setolosi
    Dendrology & MEM (pdf) (png)Prostrate Juniper (ginepro arbusto, Juniperus L communis)
    SALP Reconstruction (pdf) (png)Reconstruction of snow cover duration
    SALP Rec. vs Obs (pdf) (png)Comparison with observed data
    SALP Rec. vs Obs CCF (pdf) (png)Cross-correlation F. (SALP & Obs)
    SALP 2 fits (pdf) (png) fits to/from 1850 CE
    Comparison w/CA667 (pdf) (png)CA667 Bristlecone Pine (Pinus Longaeva) scaled to RWI
    CA667 zoom (pdf) (png)CA667 900-2003 CE
    J2015 zoom (pdf) (png)j2015 1000-1900 CE
    Dendrology 1400-2018 CE (txt)Dendro
    Dendro MEM (out)
    SALP Reconstruction (txt)
    Snow Cover Obs(txt)Observed duration
    Cross-Correlation Function(out)Recon-Obs
    20-pts moving correl.(out) 9-groups
    CA667 (California)(out)
    J2015 (N. Iceland)(txt)N. Atlantic SST
    Table 2(html)3 series comparison
    Table 22(html)as above, 2 tables side by side

    dendro.bon, dendro+.bon, salp.bon, salpn.bon, ca667-zoom.bon, j2015-zoom.bon,

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