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Please click here and here and read the comments to a WUWT poster by A. Halperin (mainly the first one)

  • A couple of comments by Gianluca, a reader of, referred to the 97% consensus on AGW among (climate) scholars (Italian version). (see also the comments at, where Gianluca expressed his idea for the first time).
  • A comment to the 2018 IPCC Report on Climate (IPCC-SR1.5) by Zavatti & Mariani, October 2018; pdf (In Italian).
  • Why I'm a Skeptic (in italian, 37 pages, pdf);   Available also at: Climate Monitor
  • A list of Frank's papers on errors in GCMs
  • An Aerial Photograph of the northern coast line of Civitanova Marche (Central Italy). Good example of diffraction where plane wavefronts became spherical after a slit or an obstacle.
  • An exchange of mail with Ilya Serykh about the lunar influence on ENSO (18.6 yr period and its sub- and super-harmonics), April 2020.

  • Here, data for my posts and pseudo posts (DM, posts never written or never published) are archived and made available to Climate Monitor (CM) readers (and any other people interested to). This page is the support site for my posts at Climate Monitor.      • Posts by Franco Zavatti on CM

  • LR04stack.txt (1st millions year BP or 1 Ma). LR04.png, LR04.pdf (1st Million years)
  • R_Italia_secolari_CM_last.xls (Updated through October 2022). Monthly Precipitation of 27 century-long Italian stations

    For any of the following links

    Note 1: In MEM Spectra of monthly series, periods are in months so, if you want periods in years you must divide the period by 12; e.g. in Bongo
    xcol 1                (xcolumn -the period in my spectral output- is the 1st one in the dataset)
    xoper / 12        (divide by 12 the xcolumn. Note the needed space between / and 12)
    Note 2: When original dataset is organized as year month datum (e.g. 1975 1 0.56), I translate "year month" as decimal year=year + month/12 (e.g. 1975+1/12=1975.0833). This implies that December 1975 is 1976.0000 and the same for any December. Why do I use this transformation? Because I compute it AFTER I have information of the whole month, i.e. at the end of month (not at its half-length), so I do not use 1975+(1/12-0.5)=1975.4167.

    PP (Private Posts, not published by choice)
    from December 21, 2022
    PP49 PP50 PP51 PP52
    AMO through 2022 & comparison to model
    PP45 PP46 PP47 PP48
    Wildfires in EUROPE:
    1980-2022; EUMED5
    Slope of GHCN global temperature
    anomaly: March 2024
    Northern Russia Temperature
    0-2000 CE
    PP41 PP42 PP43 PP44
    Global Warming &
    Sponge' Skeleton
    Digitizing Eurasia 1000
    years tree rings series
    Is the 1859 Carrington
    event seen in tree rings width?
    Arctic Ice Extent
    & Area, 1979-2023
    PP37 PP38 PP39 PP40
    Sea level in some
    Island Nations
    Global & NH Named
    Storms, Hurricanes & ACE
    Global Named Storms,
    Hurricanes, ACE & the Sun
    European food self-sufficiency?
    PP33 PP34 PP35 PP36
    Paris precipitation
    COP28 ACE, Nino3.4 & PDO in
    Pacific and Indian Oceans
    Rain in Australia (QLD):
    comparison with Italy
    PP29 PP30 PP31 PP32
    Temp. CH4, CO2 Temperature fall after
    Holocenic Optimum
    Radiocarbon spike at 14.3 Ka
    in subfossil trees
    Seasonal precipitation in
    28+2 Italian rain gauges
    PP25 PP26 PP27 PP28
    Mass balance in Swiss
    Nannofossils & Medium
    Pleistocene Transition
    PWC, Pacific Walker
    Circulation, last millenium
    Multi-year La Ninas increase
    in the last century
    PP21 PP22 PP23 PP24
    Ferrara 1570 CE earth-
    quake: Pirro Ligorio
    Cosmic rays-Earthquakes
    AHHP, Africam Holocenic
    Hunid Period
    Extreme rain in São Paulo
    State, Brazil
    PP17 PP18 PP19 PP20
    Adriatic Sea level Heinrich events & phasing Solar Proton Event in
    2610 BP-660 BCE
    NOAA STAR Satellite
    PP13 PP14 PP15 PP16
    Rapid variations Sydney, F. Denison MSL Drought in N. Italy CFD in Kyoto 800-2015
    PP09 PP10 PP11 PP12
    Colle Gnifetti Ice cores Physical Model of CO2 NOAA GHCN changed in
    January 2023
    Precip. S. American
    Altoplano: Morales23
    PP05 PP06 PP07 PP08
    Sea level in late
    Pleistocene, 0-800 Ka
    The 100 Kyr problem in
    Sea level
    Beck's CO2 measures +
    MLO [1826-2008] & SST
    Alpine Dendrology &
    Snow-cover Duration
    PP01 PP02 PP03 PP04
    2 Italian Caves:
    Renella, Corchia
    Solar Cycles in
    Alkenone SST
    Beijing rain
    Index Spectrum
    Marche rain &
    Beijing index Spectra

    CM (published at
    Various SpectraApril 2012Chen's W/C dataMay 2012
    Histalp, Clouds, CRsJune 2012July 2012August 2012
    September 2012October 2012DIFF12November 2012
    2.87 yrs post December 20122.87 yrs 2.nd postJanuary 2013
    CM21 CM22 CM23 CM24
    32 yrs periodDarby,2012April 2013June 2013
    CM25 CM26 CM27 CM28
    NOAA, Sin BIC, 0813 NOAA Test of MEM & Break Points
    Akasofu synthetic datadefinition
    CM29 CM30 CM31 CM32
    DetrendingWinter Temps of Hiatus StartCA667
    22 Histalp Stations definition& Hockey Stick
    CM33 CM34 CM35 CM36
    DendrologySiberian wedges 775-994 AD CR eventsTea Cups
    CM37 CM38 CM39 CM40
    Solar forcing in IcelandThe 1540 AD warm event Hyatus: some attention?Iceland
    during the Holocenein some proxy data Temperatures
    CM41 CM42 CM43 CM44
    Floods in Lake LedroSediments in NOAA changesThe pause is alive
    5 European Lakes within the same monthand fights with us
    CM45 CM46 CM47 CM48
    SSN V1.0 & V2.0NOAA&UAH6 Lake AmmerseeItalian Temperatures
    CM49 CM50 CM51 CM52
    Sea-level AccelMontevergine 8 Italian StationsPinna vs. 8 stations
    Europe/ItalyTemperature TemperatureAve. vs. local
    CM53 CM54 CM55 CM56
    AA and ACEMvergine precip. & 8-stations PrecipitationTemperature 2-stats
    AA index Dec. 2015Bonifati & Ginosa
    CM57 CM58 CM62 CM63
    Fortaleza & WillisRain Bologna, 22 stations CorrelationsRadiosondes &
    1,2,3 (cm59,60,61) e riso-fumocomparisons
    CM64 CM65 CM66 CM67
    Babies & CO2NOAA 03/2016: Aerosol-TemperatureDolomiti and
    Births &CO2 Update Global Warming
    CM68 CM69 CM70 CM71
    Pinatubo andQBO El Nino SpectrumCompare indices
    sea-level Acc. weekly & monthlySOI,SOIBOM,MEI
    CM72 CM73 CM74 CM75
    Rain in S. Australia TPW & Temperature Bering Sea OHC
    and Spectra Water vapor Ocean Heat Content
    CM76 CM77 CM78 CM79
    Bering Sea II Bates-Karl: datasets Holocene and Ice Age Interglacials
    Katsuki & Spectra in Karl et al.,2015 System Stability 0-800 ka
    CM80 CM81 CM82 CM83
    Interglacials 2nd part Interglacials (3rd part?) Ratpac-B 7 Stations 23 tide gauge stations in the
    0-800 ka. Wavelets 0-2.7 Ma Tzedakis BPs at 1987 and 1996 Mediterranean Sea
    CM84 CM85 CM86 CM87
    MOI, Mediterranean Climatic guide-forces Spectral analysis of Lack of 100ka period
    Oscillation Index in long series (CET) proxy data China Caves
    CM88 CM89 CM90 CM91
    Fiji Island and COP23 Faroe-Shetland Channel Lake Victoria and Sun Inuit & Climate
    Pop. Spectrum Lunar Influence? Persistence and Hurst Change
    CM92 CM93 CM94 CM95
    Hurst and Spectra 1 Hurst and Spectra 2 Hurst and Spectra 3 Holocenic Ice cover
    various datasets PIP25 Arctic Ice Cover
    CM96 CM97 CM98 CM99
    Bondi,2001 Hurst & Dongge Ireland rain and QBO Mammoth & Siberian Times
    Ice sediments
    CM100 CM101 CM102 CM103 (docx)
    Spectral Atlas & Earth's Paleo Comments: Sea Level N.Atlantic
    Persistence Magnetic Field Global & Mediterranean and AMO
    CM104 CM105 (pdf) CM106 CM107-DM48
    CR events 775 & 994 Back to school Greta! Solar Rotation and Cold event 1450-60 CE
    and tree rings thunder/lightning
    CM108(pdf) CM109 CM110 CM111 (html)
    SR1.5 NBQ Hurricane Landfall in USA Italian Temps and why I'm a climatic skeptic
    2018 IPCC Report Comment to Roy Spencer's plot La Nuova Ferrara + a 30-pages comment
    CM112 CM113 CM114 CM115
    Fitting Global Temps.
    Sahel rain 1st part Sahel rain 2nd part
    & Comp. to Scafetta
    CM116 CM117 CM118 CM119
    2019 Drought,Italy Orcadi-Orkney Is. ETA & COP22's 2°C Snow Cover
    Geostrophic Winds Europe overcomes Δt=2°C NH
    CM120 CM121 CM122 CM123
    Fit glob Temps., Scafetta Fitting global Temps. Tornadoes in USA France Temps
    1.NOAA,CET,Gnifetti 2.Shihua Cave Stalagmite Slope & AMO June 2019
    CM124 CM125 CM126 CM127
    Garda Lake Levels Harsh winters in Venice Caspian Sea Levels Trieste Temperature
    1995-2019/June Venice at -2m, 1899-2015
    CM128 CM129 CM130 CM131
    Extremes in USA Multi-fit of Global CEI USA,Spain De Boer
    Temperature Italy 400 Kyr Cycle
    CM132 CM133 CM134 CM135
    with CM37 Sea Level Thyphoons Cloud Cover
    Battiston & Temperature in Japan & Temperature
    CM136 CM137 CM138 CM139
    Sea Level Models & HC4 Glacial Era
    in Venice Comparison and other
    CM140 CM141 CM142 CM143
    Greenland CO2 Greenland Ice Cores El Nino in 2019. Some Oceanic Indices
    unavailable and Ions Evolution DMI,TNA,TSA
    CM144 CM145.DOCX CM146 CM147
    Rain in UK Diodato Agosta Diodato
    15 rivers 1st comment 18.6 yr nodal Po Basin storms
    CM148 CM149 CM150 CM151
    ECAD R10mm Palmyra Tide gauge Bering
    Rain & SNA & 18.6 yr Sea & 18.6
    CM152 CM153 CM154 CM155
    Oceanic Pacific Caspian Sea Level Weekly CO2 & Δ14C trees and corals
    Deep Cores & meteo COVID-19 & Sun
    CM156 CM157 CM158 CM159
    Lake Lungo (RI) 4.2 Ka event in Europe Caves in Portugal 65 Ma d18O & d13C
    Sediments from Norway to Italy and Greece Wavelet Spectra
    CM160 CM161 CM162 CM163
    SST Sicily Channel Barents Sea & Brest Koutsoyiannis20 Greenland/Antarctica
    & Japan, China Lunar 18.6 yr Hen-or-Egg Ice Loss
    CM164 CM165 CM166 CM167
    65 Myr d18O & d13C Great Lakes Okmok Volcano 540 Ma isotopes
    30 Myr, Extinctions USA/Canada Rome also 3.5 Ba
    CM168 CM169 CM170 CM171
    TPI-IPO Po River Brahmaputra Covid & Clima
    Pacific Oc. Erosivity Discharge Precautionary Principle
    CM172 CM173 CM174 CM175
    LPME, Mass Extintion Baltic Sea Plague and Moldava
    ST-LIP, Siberian Traps Level Climate floods
    CM176 CM177 CM178 CM179
    Arctic Sea Ice Radiative Forcing Global Sea Level 26+19 pluvio stations
    Volume & RCP8.5 4 real cases 4 Satellites in Marche region
    CM180 CM181 CM182 CM183
    Fires in Australia Hurricanes BH Disasters Sun, Climate, El Nino
    Late Holocene Bahamas & Poyet link by solar "terminations"
    CM184 CM185 CM186 CM187
    Tago floods & USA Wildfires Cariaco basin AMOC drop,
    Moldava, Brahmaputra withdrawn & Holocene XXth century
    CM188 CM189 CM190 CM191
    HURDAT Revised DTR China COVID Lag El Nino-CO2
    1851-2018 1901-2018 2nd part Through 2020
    CM192 CM193 CM194 CM195
    Algal, AMO Rain Holocene Tmax & Rx Spain Permafrost CO2
    Climate Australia Enso Il Polo
    CM196 CM197 CM198 CM199
    NOAA-GHCN data Antarctica, South Pole Temp/CO2 Antarctica Sardinia Channed 1Myr
    for Mar,Sep,Dec Temperature and Pressure Comparison Core & SST
    CM200 CM201 CM202 CM203
    Reykjavik Temperature Fresh Water Runoff Chew Bahir 200 Ka Yenisei Discharge
    & Tony Heller & PDO,AMO,NAO Homo Sapiens & Arctic Amplification
    CM204 CM205 CM206 CM207
    Comparison LR04, CO2,CH4 Temp & Precip in Brazilian Core Peat Sinks East EU
    800 Ka Germany, 1880-2021 0-850 Ka Serbia, Romania
    CM208 CM209 CM210 CM211
    d18O-CO2 Congo Convective Rain 1000-yr Alpine Temperature Precipitation in Italy
    MLO, SPO, BRW 2004-2014 from tree-rings from 20 stations
    CM212 CM213 CM214 CM215
    Drought in N. Italy Precip in Italy Precip in Marche GHD in Burgundy,
    1902-2022 Update: May 31,2022 region Beaune
    CM216 CM217 CM218 CM219
    Drought in Italy Drought in Italy PP01 Drought in Italy
    July 2022 August 2022 September 2022
    CM220 CM221 CM222 CM223
    PP02 Deaths due to PP03
    Cold/Warm climate

    February 2013NOAA
    March 2013April 2013
    May 2013June 2013July 2013August 2013
      (revised against CM24) 
    September 2013October 2013November 2013December 2013
    January 2014February 2014March 2014April 2014
    DM38 DM39 DM40 DM41
    ACE Loelhe Australia T. Katsuki
    DM42 DM43 DM44 DM45
    5 Italian pluvio
    stations and Hurst
    ETA 4 Series Bondi
    DM46 DM47 DM48 DM49
    Computing Hurst
    Fitting ETA Cold Event 1450-60 NAO,LOD,SST,ZI
    DM50 DM51 DM52 DM53
    Fitting Global
    Caspian Sea Level
    Ohrid Lake, FYROM
    Wagner 2017
    Hereid 2012
    DM54 DM55 DM56 DM57
    Global Cloud Cover
    & Temps
    Vostok spectra
    and Sun
    Heavy Rain/Eu Radiative Forcing
    DM58 DM59 DM60 DM61
    Northern Temps
    & Submarines

    NAMES (Unpublished or published as CMXXX)
    Moffa et al., 2014 or the nothing I know about NOAA data (video) 26 HISTALP Stations Temps
     them and tropical stormsALL monthly dataSee also CM30
    UAH SatelliteBreak Points Hiatus, as CM31Sediments in Lakes
    temp. anomalies Updated Aug '15New lake,Sep '15
    merging UAH&NOAATemp, CO2, Population Ocean Heat Content2015 & 2017
    Vertically Ave, Temp.  
    from Rob Wilsongeorgia TeleconnectiveIce Extent and Climate
    GOA Tree RingsSTOTEN Paper Indices & more Indices
    Spectra & PersistenceSolar Rotation & Storms Arctic Ice vs GHD Comp.
    of DatasetsEU temp & weather  
    Milan Comp. TempHolocenic Series Sahel RainIn the USA
    CEI:Extreme events Extreme Events (rain) DeBoer 2014 dataset MODELS
    in the USA in Spain ~400 Kyr Spectral Maximum CMIP5 models
    and Tuscany in δ18O Benthic & Envelopes
    Test Model Daily Pressure Daily Pressure Oceanic Indices
    also extended Madrid, 1850-2002 DeBilt, 1849-2019 Indian/Atlantic
    Global T from 18-20 yr Period Extreme events Holocenic Optimum
    AMO,NAO,PDO,CO2 In my series do not follow AGW revisited
    Greenland Temp Antarctica, South Pole d18o in CO2 National Geographics
    6 series Temperature & Pressure MLO,SPO,BRW Georgia
    Not NGG Official UN Climate Scandal Drought in N. Italy 23+1 century-long rain
    only for LM & FZ UN claims UP but they DOWN 1902-2022, 12 stations gauges in Italy
    Various Spectra ENSO Influence 8 Swiss Pleistocene Sea Level
    eg CR, Sun Spots, ... on crops rain gauges by Spratt & Lisiecki (SL16)
    Water & air temp Montevergine & Bellocchi23
    Tot.Precip. Water

    CR-Moscow SpectrumCR-Oulu SpectrumACEWegmann et al.,2014
    Cosmic Rays Moscow Cosmic Rays Oulu Accumulated CycloneWegman et al., 2014
    MEM SpectrumMEM Spectrum Energy and its sin fitsthe paper
    Wegmann et al. plotBAI-USA plotBP-USA plotMercalli 2015
    Table 1& correlation plots Break Points BP) fits before/after BPsat "Scala Mercalli",RAI3
    Note low valuesContinous USA Temps Continous USA TempsNote the "hiatus"
    AMO vs NOAALido di Pomposa(2)GOS HISTALP Regions
    obs. & filteredStorm Surge at Comacchio Cid et al, 2014Map of Histalp meteo
    (Ferrara), Italy Sea level, Storm Surgestations
    MEM svalg (2) (data)Buentgen 2011 Ljungqvist 2010 Buengten 2016 Kropp et al, 2016
    Svalgaard & Schatten, 2015 500 aC-2000 / Lju vs othersvs. CA667Changing parameters in model
    and extended plot (2)
    Kropp et al, 2016 MEM sea-level Nuclear SSN 651, WikiMOI-mem.pdf
    Recon. SeaLev Stavanger; Oslo; Bergen (png)at North Pole, Aug. 5, 1970MOI1 & MOI2 MEM
    and extended plot (2) Stavanger; Oslo; Bergen (data) Capt. Alfred S. McLaren,CDR
    09/12/1969 To 05/05/1973
    Dedication to Dad
    MOI1/2. In MOI-mem2
    look at Chandler whobble
    1.17 yr & its half=0.585 yr
    Aussie Rain
    South Australia

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