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Various GHD Series (also Portugal


  • Moreno J., Fatela F., Moreno F., Leorri E., Taborda R., Trigo R.: Grape harvest dates as indicator of spring-summer mean maxima temperature variations in the Minho region (NW Portugal) since the 19th century. , Global and Planetary Change, 141, 39-53, 2016.
    doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2016.04.003. Full text (not available on the net)
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    Portugal plot (jpg) Moreno'16
    Portugal GHD (pdf) (png) Minho region,NW
    Beaune (pdf) (png)
    Medoc (pdf) (png)
    Valtellina (pdf) (png)
    Swiss Plateau (pdf) (png)
    Portugal (txt) Minho region,NW
    Portugal Det (txt)
    Portugal LOMB (out)
    Beaune (dat)
    Beaune LOMB (out)
    4 GHD Series (dat)
    Medoc LOMB (out)
    Swiss plateau LOMB (out)
    Valtellina (out)

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    grape3.bon, .bon,

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