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By-pieces fits of Global Temperatures
cm129.html (globt.html)


    Plots, Figures   00readme.html
    GENERAL (pdf) (png)from the WUWT above Fig.1
    GISS (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum
    GISS zoom (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum
    HADCRUT4 (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum
    HADCRUT4 zoom (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum
    NOAA (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum
    NOAA zoom (pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum
    ALL (pdf) (png)Fig.3, Series
    TOGETHER (pdf) (png)Fig.2, Fits Variable range
    ALL fits (pdf) (png)Fig.4, Fits Fixed range
    TABLE1 .htmlfitting parameters variable range
    TABLE2 .htmlfitting parameters fixed range
    TABLE3 .html% slope variation fixed range
    GISS .txt1880-2018
    MEM Spectrum .out
    Parameters .app
    MEM Spectrum .out
    Parameters .app
    NOAA .txt
    MEM Spectrum .out
    Parameters .app
    All-fits Param .app

    giss.bon hc4.bon, noaa.bon, all.bon, all-fit.bon, insieme.bon,
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