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Global Cloud Cover (GCC) and Temperature

  • Pokrovsky OM (2019) Cloud Changes in the Period of Global Warming: the Results of the International Satellite Project. Russian Academy of Sciences,
    Full text (in russian)

    Plots, Figures        
    Global Cloud Cover (GCC, %) (pdf) (png) Original figure
    GCC Wavelet Spectrum (pdf) (png) Pokrovsky,2019
    GCC Wavelet Spectrum (pdf) (png) with 18.6 yr marked
    GCC (%) (pdf) (png) with LOMB Spectrum
    Comparison GCC/HC4 (pdf) (png) GCC reversed
    Comparison GCC/NOAA (pdf) (png) GCC reversed
    Spectral Comp. GCC/HC4/NOAA (pdf) (png)
    CCF GCC/HC4 & GCC/NOAA (pdf) (png) Mixed Cross-Correlation Function
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    GCC (%).txt
    GCC, LOMB.out
    GCC detrended.out
    HC4 global.dat
    NOAA global.dat
    HC4 MEM.out
    NOAA MEM.out
    CCF GCC/HC4.out
    CCF GCC/NOAA.out

    nubi.bon nubi2.bon nubi3.bon ccf.bon spectra.bon nubi.f
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