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Cold 1450-60 period

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  • Chantal Camenisch: Endless cold: a seasonal reconstruction of temperature and precipitation in the Burgundian Low Countries during the 15th century based on documentary evidence , Clim.Past, 11, 1049-1066, 2015. doi:10.5194/cp-11-1049-2015
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    Full text (not all available on the net)

  • WUWT post - Willie Soon
  • Camenisch, 2015
  • Camenisch et al., 2016
  • Esper et al., 2007
  • Esper et al., 2012
  • Gao et al., 2005
  • Jiang et al., 2015
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    CA667 (pdf) (png) California tree rings
    CA667 zoom (pdf) (png) California tree rings zoom
    Yamal (pdf) (png) Yamal Tree rings
    Morocco PDSI (pdf) (png) Morocco Cedar PDSIPalmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI)
    Wulan (pdf) (png) China tree rings
    Beaune GHD (pdf) (png) Grape Harvest Date
    Burgundy GHD (pdf) (png) Grape Harvest Date
    Ledro Lake floods (pdf) (png) Annual No. of Floods
    Silvaplana Lake (pdf) (png) JJA Temp. Recon.
    J2015 (pdf) (png) SST data from Core MD99-2275
    Source density (png)Camenisch,2015
    CA667 (out)
    YAMAL (out)
    PSDI Morocco Cedar (txt) Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI)
    WULAN (txt)
    BEAUNE GHD(dat)
    LEDRO floods (txt)
    SILVAPLANA (txt)
    J2015 (txt)

    ca667-mm.bon, ca667-zoom.bon, grape.bon, (Beaune) quattro2.bon, (Burgundy) j2015-zoom.bon, pdsi.bon,
    ledro2013count.bon, silvaplana.bon, wulan.bon, yamal-mm.bon,

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