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NOAA data through June 2013

Pagina NOAA (NCDC)
3. Land surface temperatures are available from the Global Historical Climate Network-Monthly (GHCN-M). Sea surface temperatures are determined using the extended reconstructed sea surface temperature (ERSST) analysis. ERSST uses the most recently available International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set (ICOADS) and statistical methods that allow stable reconstruction using sparse data. The monthly analysis begins January 1854, but due to very sparse data, no global averages are computed before 1880. With more observations after 1880, the signal is stronger and more consistent over time.

Passaggio da GHCN-M version 3.1.0 a GHCN-M version 3.2.0: Agosto 2012.
In questo mese il dato di giugno รจ disponibile dal 20/7.
anomalie-0613 (pdf) (png) Anomalies up to Jun13
anomalie-0613 (pdf) (png) Linear fit up to Jun13
anomalie-cfr0806 (pdf) (png) Temp. diff. between Aug12 & Jun13
anomalie-cfr0806 (pdf) (png) Linear fit of diff. Aug12 - Jun13Fig.1
diff-cfr-tot (pdf) (png) Comparison among all datasetsFig.2
diff-cfr-tot-mm (pdf) (png) Comp. among datasets running means Fig.3
anomalie-0806 (pdf) (png) Comparison between Aug12 and Jun13 anomalies
anomalie-0806-mm (pdf) (png) Comp. between moving averages of Aug12 and Jun13 anom. Fig.4
slop-lin (pdf) (png) Slopes of linear fit to diff-nov11-monthxx Fig.4 !! not used for now
slop-lina (pdf) (png) Slopes of linear fit to Anomalies Fig.5
power-0613-100 (pdf) (png) Power spectrum (0-100) years Fig.6 (all datasets)
power-0613-30 (pdf) (png) Power spectrum (0-30) years Fig.7 (all datasets)
power-0613-300 (pdf) (png) Power spectrum (100-300) years Fig.8 (all datasets)
picco20 per,pot (pdf) (png) Periods and Power of 21-22 years Fig.9
picco287 per,pot (pdf) (png) Periods and Power of ~2.87 years
picco266 per,pot (pdf) (png) Periods and Power of ~266 years
picchi-power (pdf) (png) Power of ~ 66,20-21,9,2.9 years Fig.10
picchin (pdf) (png) As Fig.10; normalized to the maximum of any series
picchi-nt (pdf) (png) As Fig 10; normalized to the sum of any seris
2000p (pdf) (png) zoom of data and fits from Jan,2000 to Jun,2013
1997p (pdf) (png) zoom of data and fits from Jan,1997 to Jun,2013
anomalies .dat update of June 2013Orig. data
anomalies .dat update of June 2013Used data
h-pow h-pow.dat Power of ~ 66,21-22,9,2.9 years
pendenze pendenze.dat Slopes: fits diff-nov11-monthxxTable 2
p.dat p.dat Slopes: fits of AnomaliesTable 3
picco20.dat picco20.dat Period and power of 20 yrs maximum
picco287.dat picco287.dat Period and power of ~2.87 yrs maximum
picco266.dat picco266.dat Period and power of ~266 yrs maximum
power-0613 power-0613.out Power spectrum of Jun13

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