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Ireland 305 year-long rainfall series and QBO
305 anni di pioggia in Irlanda e l'Oscillazione Quasi-Biennale

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References (not available on the net)
Newman PA, Coy L, Pawson S, Lait LR: The anomalous change in the QBO in 2015–2016, GRL, 29 August 2016.
Newman et al., 2016, abstractNewman et al., 2016, full text
Murphy et al., 2018; Murphy et al., 2018 SM (original measures)
Willis on WUWT
Plots, Figures
QBO-48 (pdf) (png) QBO & MEM Spectrum 30 & 50 hPA
QBO 2002-2017 (pdf) (png) Enlargement of qbo-48 a) 30 & 50 hPA
TAB: 6 levels (QBO) (pdf) (png) First a) & Last b) 20 years of the IRI six-levels QBO's
MEM: 6 levels (QBO)(pdf) (png) Spectra in a) years & b) months of the IRI six-levels QBO's
Ireland rainfall (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum 1711-2016
Ireland rainfall Diff (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum 1711-2016
Ireland rainfall ACF (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum 200 lags
Ireland rainfall Comp (txt) Comparison among maxima
30 mb Original data  
Data 1948-2016 used here(dat) QBO Monthly Index, 30 hPa
Data 1979-2016(dat) QBO Monthly Index, 50 hPa
MEM6 TAB(out) IRI six-levels QBO's Spectra
Ireland rainfall(csv) Original data
Ireland rainfall(txt) Data used here (monthly)
Ireland rainfall MEM(out)Spectrum
Ireland rainfall ACF(out)Spectrum
Ireland rainfall Diff(out) Differences
Ireland rain Diff MEM(out)Spectrum
Ireland rain Diff ACF(out)Spectrum
qbo-48.bon, qbo-x.bon, 6p/tab.bon, 6p/mem.bon 6p/tab-mem.bon
ir.bon, ir2.bon, ir3.bon, ir2-acf.bon,

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