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Holocenic Ice cover by PIP25


References: (not available on the net)
Jiang et al., 2015;   •Kern et al., 2012;   • Scafetta, 2012;   •Stein et al., 2017

Plots, Figures        
PIP25 (aliasPIP_B_25) (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum Data from Stein et al., 2017, TableS2, SM
PIP25 (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum not in CM post
PIP25 ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.80; Hderiv=0.560
Brassi (Brassicasterol) (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum + Deriv
Brassi ACF (pdf) (png)
Comp. Gisp2/PIP25 (pdf) (png) see CM78 reply to this comment
Comp. ACF 0-2000; >2000 BP (pdf) (png) PIP_B_25 ACF 0-2000 and >2000 BP reply to this comment
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Table S2 Stein et al, 2017 SM .xlsxAll data, Excel Sheet
PIP25yr.txt .txtData, year and values
PIP25.txt .txtData, only valuesyear from anni.txt
PIP25 ACF .outH=0.802
PIP25 LOMB .out
PIP25 Deriv .out
PIP25 Deriv ACF .outH=0.559
PIP25 Deriv LOMB .out
Brassi.txt .txtData, only valuesyear from anni.txt
Brassi ACF .outH=0.659
Brassi LOMB .out
Brassi Deriv .out
Brassi Deriv ACF .outH=0.553
Brassi Deriv LOMB .out
GISP2 d18O .txtsee CM78

pip25.bon, pip25-acf.bon, pip25cm.bon, brassi.bon, brassi-acf.bon, cfr.bon, (GISP2/PIP25)

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