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Central England Temperature (CET)

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00readme.html CET (download site)Wang et al., 2017
cet-0817 (pdf) (png) Comparison CET-NOAA global through August, 2017 (0817) bottom: MEM Spectrum
cet-yr-ext (pdf) (png) Yearly CET, extended by Tonyb, and its MEM spectrum
ETA (2014) (pdf) (png) ETA, European Temperature AnomalyAlso LOMB Spectrum
Comp CET/ETA (pdf) (png) ETA, European Temperature AnomalyAlso Spectra
Comp CET/Ext (pdf) (png) CET observed and extendedAlso Spectra
MZ17 Spectral Maxima (pdf) (png) All spectral maxima for 12 datasets (Mariani-Zavatti,2017)
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00readme.htmlCET (download site)Wang et al., 2017
CET .datcomplete original data
CET .dat original data on two columns
CET year .txt Yearly means
CET year MEM .out Yearly means
CET-yr-ext .txt CET extended backward by Tonyb
CET-yr-ext MEM .out CET extended backward by Tonyb (Spectrum)
Comp. Spectral Peaks.html
ETA (2014).dat .det
ETA (2014) LOMB.out
Spectral Maxima Text.txtgrape-max.txt
Spectral Maxima.datgrape-max.dat

cet.bon, cet-0817.bon, grape-max.bon, .bon,
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