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Total Precipitable Water (TPW) and Temperature

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Plots, Figures     
TPW hc4,ava from L.Mariani 00readme.txt
TPW map (kg/m2)(png) WUWT 25/7/16 1a parte, Fig.1
TPW map (mm) (png) from RSS site
HC4-AVA(pdf) (png) hc4-ava correlation linear fit
AVA-HC4(pdf) (png) ava-hc4 correlation linear fit
TPW-HC4-60 (pdf) (png) Global monthly data 1988-2015 ±60
TPW-HC4-60 Scaled(pdf) (png) (TPW*0.5+0.3) kg/m^2 1988-2015 ±60
TPW-HC4-20 (pdf) (png) Global monthly data 1988-2015 ±20
TPW-HC4-20 Scaled(pdf) (png) (TPW*0.5+0.3) kg/m^2 1988-2015 ±20
MEM of HC4,TPW60,TPW20(pdf) (png) Normalized to the vector's sum
TPW diff-HC4(pdf) (png) HC4 & TPW20-TPW60 1988-2016,May
Cross-Corr TPW/HC4(pdf) (png) Cross-Corr ±60°/±20° and Diff
TPW vs. HC4(pdf) (png) fits ±60°, ±20° & Diff
HC4 vs. TPW (pdf) (png) fits ±60°, ±20° & Diff
For RME (Multiliear Regression) Yearly data and plots
TPW60,20,diff & HC4(pdf) (png) yearly data


HC4 and AVA(dat) Anomalia Vapore Acqueo (water vapor anom) Kg/m2
TPW 1610(txt) Total Precipitable Water through Oct. 2016Kg/m2
HC4 Monthly Anomaly(dat)HadCrut4-gl, through Sep. 2016 °C
TPW20-TPW60(dat) Differences in TPW Kg/m2
Cross Correlation TPW/HC4 60°(out)
Cross Correlation TPW/HC4 20°(out)
Cross Correlation TPW/HC4 Diff;(out)
TPW/HC4, Parameters(app)
MEM Spectrum HC4(out)1609, in months (1609=2016, September)
MEM Spectrum TPW60(out)1610, in months
MEM Spectrum TPW20(out)1610, in months
MEM Spectrum HC4(out)1609, in years
MEM Spectrum TPW60(out)1610, in years
MEM Spectrum TPW20(out)1610, in years
For RME (Multiliear Regression) Yearly data and plots
TPW60,20,diff (txt)
HC4glyear (dat)

corr-tpwhc4.bon, plot-corr.bon, tpw-diff.bon, anno.f, tpw-y.bon, hc4-ava.bon, ava-hc4.bon,
tpw-hc4.bon, tpw-hc4u.bon, tpw-hc4-20u.bon, tpw-hc4-20.bon, mem3.bon, mo2yr.bon, anno.f,

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