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Spectrum of El Niño, 1st and 2.nd post

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Strongly connected to CM183 (green lines)
Data ONI, SAM other antarctic indices: (Other) (SAM) (ONI)
  • Leamon et al., 2021 Robert J. Leamon, Scott W. McIntosh and Daniel R. M Termination of Solar Cycles and Correlated Tropospheric Variability , Earth and Space Science, 8, e2020EA001223, 2021.
    Plots, Figures
    00readme.txtnino_regions.gif soi.txt / bomsoi.txt / mei.txt
    El Niño 1997-98/2015-16 (pdf) (png) Temperature & Anomaly Comp. of the last two El Nino
    El Niño 1997-98/2015-16 (pdf) (png) Only Anomaly & Comparison: the last 2 El Nino & neutral region
    El Niño Regions, Week (pdf) (png) Temperature & Anomaly 1.2, 3, 3.4, 4
    MEM Spectrum, Week (pdf) (png) also enlargement Periods in weeks
    MEM Spectrum, Year (pdf) (png) also enlargement Periods in years
    TAB-MAX (html) MEM Maxima (yrs) Weekly
    El Niño Regions, Month (pdf) (png) Temperature & Anomaly 1.2, 3, 3.4, 4
    MEM Spectrum, Month (pdf) (png) also enlargement
    MEM Spectrum, 1+2, Month (pdf) (png) Frequency & Period Added September 18,2019
    MEM Spectrum, 3, Month (pdf) (png) Frequency & Period to compare with that
    MEM Spectrum, 3.4, Month (pdf) (png) Frequency & Period
    enso-predictions-based-on-solar-activity/ by Javier
    MEM Spectrum, 4, Month (pdf) (png) Frequency & Period comment by Ian Wilson | September 10, 2019 at 1:59 pm
    TAB-MOMAX (html) MEM Maxima (yrs) Monthly
    El Niño, Month 1990 (pdf) (png) Temperature & Anomaly 1.2, 3, 3.4, 4
    MEM, Month 1990 (pdf) (png) also enlargement
    TAB90-MOMAX (html) MEM Maxima (yrs) Monthly 1990
    CM71EL NIÑO 2.nd POST
    Comparison SST/SOI (pdf) (png) SOI has reversed sign, being a pressure 1980-2016
    Comparison SST/SOI (pdf) (png) wider range, reversed sign 1950-2016
    SOI MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) also enlargement
    TAB-SOIMAX (html) MEM Maxima (yrs) SOI
    Comparison SST/SOIBOM (pdf) (png) SOIBOM (1876-2019), reversed sign BOM = Australian Bureau Of Meteo
    Comparison SST/SOIBOM (pdf) (png) smaller range, reversed sign 1950-2016
    SOIBOM MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) also enlargement
    SOIBOM WAVELETS(pdf) (png) wavelets spectrum
    TAB-SOIBOMMAX (html) MEM Maxima (yrs) SOIBOM
    Comparison SST/MEI (pdf) (png) MEI not reversed MEI = Multivariate Enso Index
    MEI MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) also enlargement
    TAB-MEIMAX (html) MEM Maxima (yrs) MEI
    All Indices MEM (pdf) (png) also enlargement
    All Indices+3.4 MEM (pdf) (png) also 2 enlargements
    Comparison TAB-MAX (html) MEM Maxima (yrs), all Data Week, Month, Month90
    May 2, 2019ONI (Oceanic Nino Index) SAM (Southern Annular Mode)
    ONI + MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) also zoom
    SAM + MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) also zoom Southern Annular Mode
    April 18, 2021ONI (Oceanic Nino Index) SOI (Southern Oscillation Index)
    ONI + MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) also zoom
    SOI + MEM Spectrum (pdf) (png) also zoom
    Original weekly dataOriginal monthly data
    Data, Week (dat) SST and SST Anomaly Jan 1990 through Aug 2016
    MEM of Niño 1+2(out) week
    MEM of Niño 3(out) week
    MEM of Niño 3.4(out) week
    MEM of Niño 4(out) week
    Data, Month (dat) SST and SST AnomalyJan 1982 through Aug 2016
    MEM of Niño 1+2(out) month
    MEM of Niño 3(out) month
    MEM of Niño 3.4(out) month
    MEM of Niño 4(out) month
    Data, MonthfromJanuary 1990through Aug 2016
    MEM of Niño 1+2, 90(out) month
    MEM of Niño 3, 90(out) month
    MEM of Niño 3.4, 90(out) month
    MEM of Niño 4, 90(out) month
    CM71EL NIÑO 2.nd POST
    SOI Index (out) monthly data through Dec. 2017SOI original data
    SOI MEM(out)
    SOIBOM Index(out) monthly data Jan 1876 - August 2016SOIBOM original data
    SOIBOM WAVELETS(txt) Input file for wavelets
    MEI Index(out) monthly data 1950-August 2016 MEI original data
    MEI MEM(out)
    May 2, 2019ONI (Oceanic Nino Index) SAM (Southern Annular Mode)
    ONI (out) monthly data through Feb. 2019ONI original dataset
    ONI-MEM (out)
    SAM (out) monthly data through Feb. 2019SAM original dataset
    SAM-MEM (out)
    Apr 18, 2021ONI (Oceanic Nino Index) SOI (Southern Oscillation Index)
    ONI21 (txt) monthly data through Feb. 2021 ONI original dataset
    ONI21-MEM (out)
    SOI21 (out) monthly data through Feb. 2021SOI original dataset
    SOI21-MEM (out)
    wksst.bon, nino.bon, wks-mem.bon, wks-memy.bon, mo-sst.bon, mo-mem.bon, mo90-sst.bon, mo90-mem.bon,
    mo34-sst.bon, soi.bon, soi-mem.bon, soibom.bon, soibom50.bon, soibom-mem.bon,
    mei.bon, mei-mem.bon, oni.bon, sam.bon, allind-mem.bon, allmem.bon
    ensoanni.f, soibom.f, mei.f, oni.f, sam.f,
    oni21.bon, soi21.bon, oni21.f, soi21.f,

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