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Birth and Meteo/Clima

Plots, Figures     
Month of Birth and Rain
in Italy for 6 yrs    & 5 Cities
Birth/month(pdf) (png) 6 years 2009,10,11,12,13,14
Rain/month(pdf) (png) 5 cities PD,PV,TO,UD,MI
The above together(pdf) (png) Births and Rain. UD/1.5
Birth/month Ave(pdf) (png) 6 years 2009,10,11,12,13,14
Birth/month Ave(pdf) (png) English version of the above
Birth/month Ave(pdf) (png) as above, with Pressure 4 IT cities
Ave Pressure(pdf) (png) 14 stationsEurope
Ave Pressure IT(pdf) (png) 4 stationsItaly


nati-it (Born-Italy)(txt)
Rain Padova(dat)data fromHISTALP, Austria
Rain Pavia(dat) ""
Rain Torino(dat) ""
Rain Udine(dat) ""
Rain Milano(dat) ""
Average rain (out)All cities 1st Col= length (yrs)
Correlation (out) Ave Births/Precip
Correlation (out) Ave Births/CO2
Pressure, 14 stats (out) Average monthly press

nati.bon, co2-mo.bon, natir.bon, nati-medie.bon, born-ave.bon, pad-mon.bon, ave.f
press-m.bon, press-it.bon, .bon, .bon, .bon, .bon, .f

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