Sediments in European Lakes

The present page has the aim to summarize what I know about sediments in various lakes in Europe (and maybe in other countries too).
All data have been taken from the NOAA-NCDC paleo data site and the references have been reported in any individal-lake 00readme.txt. Any detail I know is also referenced in these files.
At present I have plotted/analysed data for the following lakes:
  1. Lake Ledro (Northern Italy, near Garda Lake): published May 11,2015 here on CM.
  2. Lake Allos (Western France, French Alps)
  3. Lake Meerfelder (Western Germany)
  4. Lake Monticchio (Southern Italy, Lago Grande di Monticchio)
  5. Lake Silvaplana (Switzerland, Grigioni)

Page written: May 18, 2015                           Last Updated: June 26, 2015