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Lake Ledro sediments during the last 2 millenia
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00readme.htmlData at NOAA Paleo-Site
Paper's fig.1(png)NAO and TSI
Paper's fig.3 (png) Seasonal record comparison. Also fig_06 Suppl. Info.
Yearly flood events (pdf) (png) Total flood events number
Grows and drops of above (pdf) (png) linear fits of grows and drops within MWP & LIA
All seasons (pdf) (png) Flood events count, by season.
Preminent seasons (pdf) (png) Flood events count: Autumn and Summer.
Thickness (pdf) (png) layers thickness: Autumn and Summer.
MEM Spectra by season (pdf) (png) events count, all seasons.
MEM Spectra Autumn, Summer (pdf) (png) events count, main seasons.Periods, years: y-axis*15
MEM Spectra: zoom of the above (pdf) (png) events count, main seasons.ZOOM 1-100,0-200
Total annual counts (txt) Annual total flood counts
Parameters of fits (app) Linear fits of grows and drops within MWP & LIA
Flood events, Autumn (txt) Number of flood events, Autumn
Flood events, Summer (txt) Number of flood events, Summer
Flood events, Spring (txt) Number of flood events, Spring
Flood events, Winter (txt) Number of flood events, Winter
MEM Spectrum, Autumn (out) MEM spectra of the above data
MEM Spectrum, Summer (out)
MEM Spectrum, Spring (out)
MEM Spectrum, Winter (out)
Thickness, Autumn (txt) Layers thickness (mm)
Thickness, Summer (txt) Layers thickness (mm)
Thickness, Spring (txt) Layers thickness (mm)
Thickness, Winter (txt) Layers thickness (mm)

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