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Solar driven Holocene Climate through 9300 yrs BP:
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Jiang et al, 2005
Jiang et al, 2015
See also the respective Supplementary Information (S.I.).(05); (15).
Plots, Figures        
Fig1-j2015 (png) Fig.1 from Jiang et al,2015Map of Greenland-Iceland and Streams
j2015 (pdf) (png) Summer SSTs;11-points low-pass filter Step in adiacent data (years)
j2015-zoom (pdf) (png) SSTs;11-points low-pass filter. Recent 1000 yrs B.P.
j2015-TSI (pdf) (png) SST&TSI Steinhilber 2009 low-pass 375 yrs+ shift
j2015-poly (pdf) (png) SSTs: 3rd order fit & detrended. The last one is input for Lomb
Log LOMB j2015 (pdf) (png) LOMB spectrum default parameters (5,4). log-log scale
Linear LOMB j2015 (pdf) (png) LOMB spectrum lin-lin scale
j2005 (pdf) (png) Summer and Winter temps,2000 yrs 11-points filter
j2005-TSI (pdf) (png) SST&TSI Steinhilber 2009 low-pass 375 yrs+shift/reverse
j2005-poly (pdf) (png) SSTs: linear fit & detrended for both Summer and Winter
Log LOMB j2005 (pdf) (png) LOMB spectrum default parameters (5,4). log-log scale
Linear LOMB j2005 (pdf) (png) LOMB spectrum lin-lin scale
Steinhilber MEM (pdf) (png) MEM spectrum 5 years step (as in CM22)
SSN MEM (pdf) (png) MEM spectrum Sun Spot Number
Marcott-SI Fig.S12 (pdf) (png) left: comp. with observed data. right: as figure given by Battiston
North Stradbroke Island (png)Google Earth
Lagoon (png)Google Earth
Lagoon's colleagues (png)Google Maps
j2015z (pdf) (png) Outlines speedy temperature growths in 1-2 century, as actually happens
j2015-zoom (pdf) (png)
barr-rain (pdf) (png) Australian Holocenic precipitation
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j2015.txt complete original data
diff2015.out Steps of j2015 data
j2015-poly.out 3rd order polynomial fit
j2015 LOMB.out
j2005.txt complete original data
j2005s-poly.out Summer linear fit
j2005w-poly.out Winter linear fit
j2005s LOMB.out Spectrum Summer
j2005w LOMB.out Spectrum Winter
Steinhilber MEM.out TSI Spectrum 5 years step (as in CM22)
SSN MEM.out SSN Spectrum Sun Spot Number

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j2005.bon j2005-lomb.bon j2005-poly.bon j2005-tsi.bon
j2015.bon j2015-lomb.bon j2015-poly.bon j2015-tsi.bon j2015z.bon j2015-zoom.bon

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