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(4600 years of dendrology and the Hockey Stick)
cm32.html          NOAA, tree rings (lines 2716-2730)          Hockey_stick_controversy
McIntyre post on ClimateAudit,Dec 4, 2014 and Reply to Laden and Hughes, Dec 19, 2014
Dispensa_meteo-1.doc (Simple description of the Bagnouls-Gaussen diagram (bagau), pag.38, in Italian).
Bagau Diagram (Bongo) Examples (in Italian)
ca667.rwl Salzer-Hughes311 chronologiesCalifornia
Hockey-Stick? (pdf) (png) Unprecedented raise? in Tree Ring_Width_Index (Table)
Hockey-Stick? (pdf) (png) As above, annotated png plot Tree Ring_Width_Index
1950-2005 (pdf) (png) 1950-2005 Post-1980
ca667-zoom (pdf) (png) ca667, zoomed within 900-2100 ADCompare to fig.3 at CM37
Yosemite Park (png) Bagnouls-Gaussen termo pluviometric diagram
ca667.rwl Salzer-Hughes311 chronologiesCalifornia
ca667.rwlraw data Original data
ca667.out.outyear- value data w/chronology names, 142500 lines
ca667nn.out.outAs above, without names Input data for dendroca-med.f
ca667mm.out.outaverage of 311/311 chronologies year-by-year final record
ca667-fit.out.outlinear fit, -2649, 2005
ca667-fit2.out.outlinear fit, 200,2005 AD
ca667-fit3.out.outlinear fit, 200,1830 AD
Yosemite Park (png) 1905-2015 average Temperature and Rain

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