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1000-2000 CE Alpine temperature
  • Chuine et al., 2004 Chuine, I., Yiou, P., Viovy, N., Seguin, B.;Daux, V., Le Roy Ladurie, E.: Grape ripening as a past climate indicator, Nature, 432, 289-290, 2004. ONLINE RESOURCE (When Citing Data):
  • Corona et al., 2010 C. Corona, J. Guiot, J. L. Edouard, F. Chalie, U. Buntgen, P. Nola and C. Urbinati: Millennium-long summer temperature variations in the European Alps as reconstructed from tree rings , Clim. Past, 6, 379-400, 2010.
  • Mariani and Zavatti, 2017 Mariani L., Zavatti F.: Multi-scale approach to Euro-Atlantic climatic cycles based on phenological time series, air temperatures and circulation indexes , Science of the Total Environment, 593-594, 253-262, 2017. with S.I. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2017.03.182
    Plots, Figures
    Map, Fig.1 Corona 2010 (png)Modified
    Fig.5 Corona 2010 (png)JJA air temperature
    JJA Temperature (pdf) (png) (cap) & Lomb spectrum
    JJA w/bands (pdf) (png) (cap)
    GHD Burgundy 2004 (pdf) (png) (cap)Chuine, I., et al.. 2005
    ETA 2018 (pdf) (png) (cap)Mariani & Zavatti, 2017
    ETA 2020 (pdf) (png) (cap)CM
    JJA, GHD, ETA Temp. (pdf) (png) (cap)Smoothed series+Lomb
    JJA, GHD, ETA (pdf) (png) (cap)Actual & Smoothed Series
    JJA, GHD, ETA Bands (pdf) (png) (cap)Actual,Smoothed Series & Bands
    Digitized dataset(txt)step 3px (5 yr)
    JJA Lomb(out)
    Burgundy 2004 GHD(txt)
    Burgundy 04 LOMB(out)
    Temperature from GHD(txt)
    Temp from GHD LOMB(out)
    ETA18 Anomaly(txt)
    ETA18 Anomaly LOMB(out)
    ETA20 Anomaly(txt)
    jja.bon, jjab.bon, jjag.bon, jjage.bon, jjagb.bon, burgundy04.bon,
    eta18.bon, eta20.bon,
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