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Mountain Peat Sinks in Central-Estern Europe, last 10Kyrs
Peatlands are one of the largest terrestrial carbon sinks on the planet, yet little is known about the carbon accumulation rates (CARs) of mountainous peatlands. The long-term variability in the size of the associated carbon sink and its drivers remain largely unconstrained, especially when the long-term anthropogenic impact is also considered. Here, we present a composite CAR record of nine peatlands from central–eastern Europe (Romania and Serbia) detailing variability in the rates of carbon accumulation during the Holocene. We show examples of extremely high long-term rates of carbon accumulation (LORCA>120 ), indicating that mountain peatlands constitute an efficient regional carbon sink at times. By comparing our data to modelled palaeoclimatic indices and to measures of anthropogenic impact we disentangle the drivers of peat carbon accumulation in the area. Carbon accumulation rates (CARs) were calculated by dividing the carbon content of each sample by the modelled peat accumulation rate following Ratcliffe et al. (2020) (Fig. 2). Other lines of the Longman et al., 2021 abstract follow (not reported here). Present=1950.
  • Longman et al., 2019 Jack Longman, Daniel Veres, Vasile Ersek, Aritina Haliuc & Volker Wennrich: Runof events and related rainfall variability in the Southern Carpathians during the last 2000 years , Sci. Rep., 9:5334, 2019.
  • Longman et al., 2021 Jack Longman, Daniel Veres, Aritina Haliuc, Walter Finsinger, Vasile Ersek, Daniela Pascal, Tiberiu Sava and Robert Begy: Carbon accumulation rates of Holocene peatlands in central–eastern Europe document the driving role of human impact over the past 4000 years , Clim. Past, 17, 2633-2652, 2021. https:/
    Plots, Figures 00readme
    Peatlands Map (png) Longman,2021 fig.1
    Sureanu Map (png) Longman,2019 fig.1
    Data file scheme (html)
    Spectral Compendium (html)
    Extension vs Density (pdf) (png)
    Four Densities/b> (pdf) (png)
    Synthesis of CAR (z-score) (pdf) (png)and LOMB Spectrum
    Baia Vulturilor 3 (4 Ka, BVU) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Baia Vulturilor 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Baia Vulturilor 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Baia Vulturilor 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Crveni Potok 3 (10 Ka, CP) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Crveni Potok 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Crveni Potok 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Crveni Potok 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Despotovac 3 (1.8 Ka, DES) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Despotovac 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Despotovac 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Despotovac 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Iezerul Mare 3 (6.1 Ka, IZM) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Iezerul Mare 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Iezerul Mare 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Iezerul Mare 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Mluha 3 (7.9 Ka, MLH) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Mluha 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Mluha 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Mluha 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Mohos 3 (11 Ka, MOH) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Mohos 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Mohos 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Mohos 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Sureanu 3 (7.5 Ka, SUR) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Sureanu 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Sureanu 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Sureanu 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Only Sureanu, Longman 2019 Chem. Elements  0-2.5 Ka
    Titanium (Ti) (pdf) (png)Raw, cps
    Iron (Fe) (pdf) (png)Raw, cps
    Strontium (Sr) (pdf) (png)Raw, cps
    Zirconium (Zr) (pdf) (png)Raw, cps
    Zanoaga Rosie 3 (12 Ka, ZNG) (pdf) (png)Density, g/cm3
    Zanoaga Rosie 4 (pdf) (png)Carbon Content %
    Zanoaga Rosie 5 (pdf) (png)Mineral Content %
    Zanoaga Rosie 6 (pdf) (png)CAR g/cm2/yr
    Synthesis Dataset(xlsx)z-score
    Individual Bog Data(xlsx)only 8 out of 9 datasets
    Synthesis of CAR (z-score) (txt)
    Synthesis of CAR MEM (out)
    Baia Vulturilor All(txt)
    Baia Vulturilor Density(txt)
    Baia Vulturilor Carbon Cont(txt)
    Baia Vulturilor Mineral Cont(txt)
    Baia Vulturilor CAR(txt)
    Baia Vulturilor Density LOMB(out)
    Baia Vulturilor Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Baia Vulturilor Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Baia Vulturilor CAR LOMB(out)
    Crveni Potok All(txt)
    Crveni Potok Density(txt)
    Crveni Potok Carbon Cont(txt)
    Crveni Potok Mineral Cont(txt)
    Crveni Potok CAR(txt)
    Crveni Density LOMB(out)
    Crveni Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Crveni Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Crveni CAR LOMB(out)
    Despotovac All(txt)
    Despotovac Density(txt)
    Despotovac Carbon Cont(txt)
    Despotovac Mineral Cont(txt)
    Despotovac CAR(txt)
    Despotovac Density LOMB(out)
    Despotovac Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Despotovac Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Despotovac CAR LOMB(out)
    Iezerul All(txt)
    Iezerul Density(txt)
    Iezerul Carbon Cont(txt)
    Iezerul Mineral Cont(txt)
    Iezerul CAR(txt)
    Iezerul Density LOMB(out)
    Iezerul Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Iezerul Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Iezerul CAR LOMB(out)
    Mluha All(txt)
    Mluha Density(txt)
    Mluha Carbon Cont(txt)
    Mluha Mineral Cont(txt)
    Mluha CAR(txt)
    Mluha Density LOMB(out)
    Mluha Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Mluha Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Mluha CAR LOMB(out)
    Mohos All(txt)
    Mohos Density(txt)
    Mohos Carbon Cont(txt)
    Mohos Mineral Cont(txt)
    Mohos CAR(txt)
    Mohos Density LOMB(out)
    Mohos Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Mohos Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Mohos CAR LOMB(out)
    Sureanu All(txt)
    Sureanu Density(txt)
    Sureanu Carbon Cont(txt)
    Sureanu Mineral Cont(txt)
    Sureanu CAR(txt)
    Sureanu Density LOMB(out)
    Sureanu Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Sureanu Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Sureanu CAR LOMB(out)
    Only Sureanu, Longman 2019 Chem. Elements  0-2.5 Ka
    All Elem. (txt)Raw, cps
    Ti & MEM (out)Raw, cps
    Fe & MEM (out)Raw, cps
    Sr & MEM (out)Raw, cps
    Zr & MEM (out)Raw, cps
    Zanoaga Rosie All(txt)
    Zanoaga Rosie Density(txt)
    Zanoaga Rosie Carbon Cont(txt)
    Zanoaga Rosie Mineral Cont(txt)
    Zanoaga Rosie CAR(txt)
    Zanoaga Rosie Density LOMB(out)
    Zanoaga Rosie Carbon C. LOMB(out)
    Zanoaga Rosie Mineral C. LOMB(out)
    Zanoaga Rosie CAR LOMB(out)
    crveni3.bon, crveni4.bon, crveni5.bon, crveni6.bon,
    despotovac3.bon, despotovac4.bon, despotovac5.bon, despotovac6.bon,
    iezerul3.bon, iezerul4.bon, iezerul5.bon, iezerul6.bon,
    mluha3.bon, mluha4.bon, mluha5.bon, mluha6.bon,
    mohos3.bon, mohos4.bon, mohos5.bon, mohos6.bon,
    surea3.bon, surea4.bon, surea5.bon, surea6.bon,
    zanoaga3.bon, zanoaga4.bon, zanoaga5.bon, zanoaga6.bon,

    sur-ti.bon, sur-fe.bon, sur-sr.bon, sur-zr.bon,
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