Hou22-spectrum: Spectral analysis of the ln(K/Al) record derived from XRF scanning of Core M125-73-3. (a) Power spectrum of the ln(K/Al) record using the REDFIT method (black) (Schulz & Mudelsee, 2002). The power spectrum and the 99% (red) and 95% (blue) confidence levels are based on n = 1,000 random Monte Carlo simulations.
Please note some confusion in paper's figures: Periods in "ka" for the x-label but "kyr" in 41 and 52 spectral peaks. Not clear why the spectrum has been truncated at 100 Kyr, so cancelling the eccentricity spectral peak. Again, the spectral dominance here concerns the 218 Kyr peak, never quoted by the authors. In this figure "ka" seems to be a synonimous of "kyr" but e.g. in figures 4 and 6 "ka" appears as "kyr BP".