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SST in Sardinia Channel (central-west Mediterranean sea)
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    ••  LC07 core dataset: 2021pa004289-sup-0002-data+set+si-s01.xlsx  or  
    ••  Parrenin et al., 2013 dataset:
    ••  Shakun et al., 2012 dataset: 41586_2012_BFnature10915_MOESM60_ESM.xls (local)
    ••  Monnin et al., 2006 dataset: (CO2)

    Plots, Figures
    Sardinia Channel Bathymetry(png)(9 MB)
    Small Sardinia Channel Bathymetry(png)(2 MB)
    Google Earth Image(png)
    Lisiecki & Raymo Fig.1(png)
    δ18O (pdf) (png)0-1 Ma
    δ18O LOMB (pdf) (png)1st, 2nd section; whole series
    Comp. w/ LR04 (pdf) (png)
    U37K'SST (pdf) (png)
    Comparison Temp. 0-24 Ka (pdf) (png)+ Monnin,2006 CO2
    δ18O LOMB(out)whole series 10-1000 Ka
    δ18O LOMB(out) section 10-580 Ka
    δ18O 2.nd LOMB(out)2.nd section 660-1000 Ka
    LR04 Series(txt)
    Parrenin Temp(txt)
    d18o.bon, d18o-lomb.bon, d18olr.bon, sst.bon, cfr-2t.bon,
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