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NOAA-GHCN Global Temperature (land+ocean) month-by-month
referred to December, September, March, 1880-2020

Plots, Figures
Monthly NOAA-GHCN (pdf) (png)August 2021, from 1880
Monthly NOAA-GHCN (pdf) (png)August 2021, from 2001
Monthly NOAA-GHCN:
evolution of slope
(pdf) (png) Jan 2018-Aug 2021
December 1880-2020 (pdf) (png)
September 1880-2020 (pdf) (png)
March 1880-2021 (pdf) (png)
Differences (pdf) (png)
All Months Together (pdf) (png)
All MEM Spectra (pdf) (png)
Step-By-Step Fits 1 (pdf) (png)cherry picking 1
Step-By-Step Fits 2 (pdf) (png)cherry picking 2
Step-By-Step Fits 3 (pdf) (png)cherry picking 3 (Contiguous ranges)
Monthly NOAA-GHCN (dat)August 2021
December 1880-2020(txt)
September 1880-2020(txt)
March 1880-2021(txt)
December MEM(out)
September MEM(out)
March MEM(out)
DIFF 1(txt)December-September
DIFF 2(txt)December-March
CHERRY PICKINGS(html)Table (My own subjective choices)
Linear fits of ranges(app)
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