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CO2 permafrost emission (only models!)

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  • Natali et al., 2019. Natali S.M. +other 76: Large loss of CO2 in winter observed across the northern permafrost region , Nature Climate Change, 9(11), 852-857, 2019.
  • Original paper by Gilles Banzet
  • Gilles Banzet: Cambiamento climatico: il permafrost artico ormai emette più carbonio in inverno di quanto le piante della regione ne assorbano con il bel tempo!..., Il Polo, LXXVI, 2021, 58-68. Italian version of the Banzet's paper.
  • Keuper et al., 2020. Frida Keuper, Birgit Wild, Matti Kummu, Christian Beer, Gesche Blume-Werry, Sébastien Fontaine, Konstantin Gavazov, Norman Gentsch, Georg Guggenberger, Gustaf Hugelius, Mika Jalava, Charles Koven, Eveline J. Krab, Peter Kuhry, Sylvain Monteux, Andreas Richter, Tanvir Shahzad, James T. Weedon & Ellen Dorrepaal: Carbon loss from northern circumpolar permafrost soils amplified by rhizosphere priming, Nature Geosciences, 13, 560-565, 2020:
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