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Holocenic precipitation in Eastern Australia:
connection to climatic periods and events

  • Barr et al., 2019 C. Barr, J.Tibby, M. J. Leng, J. J.Tyler, A. C.G. Henderson, J.T.Overpeck, G. L. Simpson, J. E. Cole , S. J. Phipps, J. C. Marshall, G. B. McGregor, Q. Hua & F. H. McRobie: Holocene El Niño–Southern Oscillation variability reflected in subtropical Australian precipitation , Scientific Reports, 9:1627, 2019. doi:10.1038/s41598-019-38626-3. Dataset at
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    Map of the Area(png) 00readme
    Holocene Luigi(jpg)Luigi Mariani, Sep 08,2021webinar
    Pluvio Series & LOMB(pdf) (png)0-7.8 Ka
    Detrended Pluvio Series(pdf) (png)
    Detrended & Smoothed Series(pdf) (png)Smoothing windowcirca 200 yrs
    Detrended,Smoothed, Reversed (pdf) (png)
    Composite Rain-Mariani(pdf) (png)
    Pluvio Series(txt)0-7.8 Ka
    Pluvio Series LOMB(out)
    Detrended Series(txt)

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