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Comparison between Algal series and AMO
Coralline algal family doc (it)

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  • Mann et al., 2009 Michael E. Mann, Zhihua Zhang, Scott Rutherford, Raymond. Bradley, Malcolm K. Hughes, Drew Shindell, Caspar Ammann, Greg Faluvegi, Fenbiao Ni: Global Signatures and Dynamical Origins of the Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly , Science, 326, 1256-1260,2009. doi:10.1126/science.1177303.
  • Mann et al., 2016 Michael E. Mann, Byron A. Steinman, Sonya K. Miller, Leela M. Frankcombe, Matthew H. England and Anson H. Cheung: Predictability of the recent slowdown and subsequent recovery of large-scale surface warming using statistical methods , GRL, 43, 3459-3467, 2016. doi:10.1002/2016GL068159.
  • Moore et al., 2017 G.W.K. Moore, J. Halfar, H. Majeed, W.Adey & A. Kronz: Amplification of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation associated with the onset of the industrial-era warming, Scientific Reports, 7, 40861, 2017.
  • Sundby, Nikken, 2008. Svein Sundby and Odd Nakken: Spatial shifts in spawning habitats of Arcto-Norwegian cod related to multidecadal climate oscillations and climate change , ICES Journal of Marine Science, 65 n6, 953-962, 2008.
    Plots, Figures
    Sundby et al, 2008: fig2(png) (districts map)
    Moore et al, 2017: fig1a(png)
    Sundby 2008: fig4(png)
    PDO, AMO, NAO datasets(pdf) (png)
    PDO, AMO, NAO Spectra(pdf) (png)
    Labrador Sea Algal Series(pdf) (png)Moore 09, fig.1a 1350-2006
    Std. Dev. from Fits(pdf) (png)
    AMO (Mann 2009) (pdf) (png)
    Comp Algal-AMO (pdf) (png)Mann et al., 09 1350-2006
    Comp Algal-AMO measures (pdf) (png)AMO ESRL (Observed) 1850-2006
    Spawing Areas ROE: the 4 series (pdf) (png) 1900-1976
    Spawing Areas ROE: Comp. to NAO(pdf) (png)(cap) Also 5- & 10-yr filter 1900-1976, NAO djfm
    NAO djfm (pdf) (png)and LOMB Spectrum 1860-2015
    AO (Arctic Oscillation)(pdf) (png)and MEM Spectrum 1950-2021/7
    Labrador Algal(txt)1350-2006 Digitized, step=2.04 yr/datum
    Labrador Algal MEM(out)Divide Period by 2.04To obtain correct period
    Linear fit 1350-1825 CE(out)
    Linear fit 1825-1996 CE(out)
    AMO (Mann09)(txt)500-2006 CE Reconstruction
    AMO (Mann09) LOMB(out)1350-2006 CE range as in algal
    AMO LOMB complete(out)500-2006 CE original range
    AMO Observed (ESRL)(txt)1850-2006 CE
    Spawing Areas: South (Møre) (txt)Year, ROE Index FN=R/NC 1900-1976
    MEM Spectrum: South(out)Digitized, step=0.573 yr/datum
    Spawing Areas: Central (Lofoten) (txt)Year, ROE Index FN=R/NC 1900-1976
    MEM Spectrum: Central(out)
    Spawing Areas: North (Troms) (txt)Year, ROE Index FN=R/NC 1900-1976
    MEM Spectrum: North(out)
    Spawing Areas: North (Finnmark) (txt)Year, ROE Index FN=R/NC 1900-1976
    MEM Spectrum: North(out)
    NAO djfm(txt)
    NAO LOMB Spectrum(out)
    NAO/Districts Spectra(html)Table 1
    AO (monthly)(dat)
    AO MEM Spectrum(out)

    algalog0.bon, algalog.bon, distretti.bon, distretti2.bon, amo-mann2.bon,
    nao.bon, stddev.bon, algal-amo-ind.bon, ao.bon,
    inset-amo.bmr, dig1.bmr, dig2.bmr, dig3.bmr, dig4.bmr,

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