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Comparison and Lags between El Niño and CO2

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  • Allan M.R. MacRae, 2019: <============
  • (Allan MacRae's Excel spreadsheet)
  • Humlum et al., 2012 (H12) Ole Humlum, Kjell Stordahl, Jan-Erik Solheim: The phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature, Global and Planetary Change , 100, 51-69, 2013. or, the same, at
    Also available at (ResearchGate).
    Something similar and more clear can be found at -egg/
  • NOAA-NCEP Page for Cold & Warm Episodes
  • (ENSO predictions)
    Plots, Figures
    My ONI Index 2022 (pdf) (png) ESRL-NOAA 1950-2022/4
    My ONI Color 2022 (pdf) (png) 1950-2022/4
    CO2 2020 MLO(pdf) (png) ESRL-NOAA 1950-2020
    Comp. ONI/CO2 2020 (pdf) (png)Also MEM Spectra 1950-2020; 1974-2020
    Comp. ONI/CO2/N34 2020 (pdf) (png)Also MEM Spectra 1950-2020; 1974-2020; 1982-2020
    Comp. Nino 3.4/GSAT (pdf) (png) (cap) GSAT=Glob.Surf.Anom.Temp.Also ONI, 2014-2020
    Comp. Nino 3.4-ΔCO2 (pdf) (png) (cap) ΔCO2 (ppm/mo)Enlargement
    Comp. diff12-CO2 & HC3 (pdf) (png) (cap)diff-CO2 (ppm) & HadCruT3 (°C)and CCF (cross correlation)
    Total FFB Emissions (pdf) (png) (cap)CDIAC Total Emission from Fossil Fuel. As fig.17d, H12
    Comp. CO2-FFB (pdf) (png) (cap)
    Original monthly data of Nino regionsSST & Anomaly
    ONI(out)SST Anomaly at 3.4 region Jan 1950 through Dec 2020
    CO2 Mauna Loa(dat)1974-2020 Jan 1974 through Dec 2020
    N34-MEM(out)Nino 3.4 region 1982-2020
    SST Nino Regions(dat)1982-2020
    Peaks Analysis, MacRae (png)Table 7aMacRae N34 & CO2
    Peaks Analysis ONI-CO2(html)Table 11983-2020; ONI & CO2
    Peaks Analysis N34-CO2(html)Table 21983-2020; N34 & CO2
    The above together(html)Table 231983-2020
    CO2 deriv (ppm/mo)(out)1974-2020
    Diff12 CO2 (ppm)(dat)1980-2012
    HadCruT3 (|deC)(dat)1980-2012
    FFB Emissions(txt)CDIAC1751-2013
    NOAA Land+Ocean Jun 2021(dat) monthly dataGlobal Temperature Anom

    oni20.bon, co220.bon, cfr-gt-oni.bon, co2oni20.bon,
    co2oni21.bon, co2der.bon, co2der2.bon,

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