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DTR (Tmax-Tmin) changes and relationship with rainfall, 1901-2018 in East Asia


  • Li et al., 2012. Qingxiang Li, Jiadong Peng, Yan Shen: Development of China homogenized monthly precipitation dataset during 1900–2009, Journal of Geographical Sciences, 22,4, 579-593, 2012.
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    Map of the area(png)
    SUN's Figure 3(png)All
    SUN's Figure 3 top(png)DTR1, DTR2
    SUN's Figure 3 bottom(png)DTR3
    Yang's Figure 2 (png)
    Yang's Figure 7 (png)
    Yang's Figure 7 large (png)60-90 N
    Yang's Figure 7 large2 (png)30-60 N
    Li's Figure 12(png)China
    Qu 2014b's Figure 3(png)China
    DTR1 1901-2018 CE (pdf) (png) (cap)
    DTR2 1901-1950;1950-2018 CE (pdf) (png) (cap)>25 years
    DTR3 1901-2018 CE (pdf) (png) (cap)>100 years
    DTR: All Series (pdf) (png) (cap) Digitized series
    DTR: All Spectra (pdf) (png) (cap)MEM Spectra
    China Precipitation Anomaly (pdf) (png) (cap) Quingxiang-Shen, 2012
    Global Precipitation Anomaly (pdf) (png) (cap)CGP, 30-60 & 60-90 N
    Comparison Global-China (pdf) (png) (cap)Precip. China & 30-60N
    PDO(pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    CCF DTR/PDO(pdf) (png)
    DTR1 MEM(out)
    DTR21 MEM(out)
    DTR22 MEM(out)
    DTR3 MEM(out)
    DTR1 linear fits(app)
    China Precip(txt)
    MEM China Precip(out)
    Pluvio 30°-60° N(txt)
    MEM 30°-60° N(out)
    Pluvio 60°-90° N(txt)
    MEM 60°-90° N(out)
    PDO MEM Spectrum(out)
    CCF DTR/PDO(out)
    dtr1.bon, dtr2.bon, dtr3.bon, all.bon, all-mem.bon,
    pluvio.bon, cina.bon, pdo.bon, ccf-dtr.bon,
    dig-dtr1.bmr, dig-dtr2.bmr, dig-dtr3.bmr, dig-cina.bmr,
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