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Hurricanes from Blue Hole coarse sand repository at Long Island, Bahamas, 900-2016 CE
  • Wallace et al., 2021 .E.J. Wallace, J.P. Donnelly, P.J. van Hengstum, T.S. Winkler, K. McKeon, D. MacDonald, N.E. d'Entremont, R.M. Sullivan, J.D. Woodruff, A.D. Hawkes, C. Maio: 1,050 years of Hurricane Strikes on Long Island in The Bahamas , Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology, 36,3, e2020PA004156, 2021.
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    Plots, Figures
    Wallace-fig1 png Site maps
    Blue-Hole used here pngGoogle Earth
    Dean's blue-hole (not used) pngGoogle Earth
    Percent Coarse grains >63μm (pdf) (png) (cap)and LOMB Spectrum
    Frequency (events/100yr) (pdf) (png)
    Frequency 1760-1925 (pdf) (png)
    Wallace21 ACF (pdf) (png)H=0.690, lag=40 pts
    10-pts low pass filter(out)
    Step-wise linear fit(app)All, 2016-1700, 1700-900
    LOMB Spectrum(out)
    Frequency (events/100yr)(txt)running 100yr window
    Autocorrelation Function(out)Lag=100 pts, plot at L=40 pts
    wallace21.bon, wallfr.bon, wall1760.bon, wall-acf.bon,
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