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Radiative Forcing
[Temperature-ln(CO2/CO2o) relationship]
  • Davis, 2017. W.J. Davis: The Relationship between Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Global Temperature for the Last 425 Million Years Climate, 5(4), 76-, 2017.
  • (IPCC WGI AR5, Chap. 8, SM: Anthropogenic and Natural Radiative Forcing, Supplementary Material)
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    Plots, Figures 00readme.html
    NOAA-MLO 1981-2012 (pdf) (png)Forcing
    NOAA-MLO 76-19 Comp (pdf) (png)522 data points
    NOAA-MLO 76-19 CCF (pdf) (png)522 data points
    NOAA-MLO 1976-2019 (pdf) (png)Forcing
    Comp. 540 MYr T & CO2 (pdf) (png)Comparison T/CO2, Davis17-fig5
    540 MYr CM167 (pdf) (png)Forcing; Davis17-fig5
    Vostok CM138 (pdf) (png)δ18O, CO2 Comp.
    Vostok digitized (pdf) (png)δ18O, CO2 Comp.
    Vostok 50 Ka (pdf) (png)Forcing
    Vostok CO2-δ18O CCF (pdf) (png)
    All Forcings (pdf) (png)Forcings together (cap)
    Table 1 Half Forcings (html)
    ---- ---------
    NOAA Anomaly(dat)1981-2012, Col.3
    MaunaLoa CO2(dat)1981-2012, Col.3
    81-12 fit(out)linear fit NOAA
    MaunaLoa CO2(txt)1969-2019, holes
    76-19 fit(out)fit NOAA-MLO
    76-19 Comp(txt)Comp NOAA-MLO
    Davis fig.5 δ18O (txt) 424-3 Ma, Col.2
    Davis fig.5 CO2 (txt) 424-3 Ma, Col.2
    poly540 fit(out)linear fit Davis
    δ18O Vostok(txt)0-50 Ka
    CO2 Antarctica05(txt)0-50 Ka
    Vostok fit(out)linear fit Vostok
    CO2-δ18O CCF(out)

    forcing.bon, forcing76.bon, forcing540.bon, forcing-vostok.bon,
    forcing-all.bon, co2t2-dig.bon, tco2.bon, cfr76.bon,
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