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Sea Ice Volume modelled in 3 periods: 1760-1840; 1850-2020; 2020-2100
  • Van Achter et al., 2020 . Guillian Van Achter, Leandro Ponsoni, Fran├žois Legat: Brief communication: Arctic sea ice thickness internal variability and its changes under historical and anthropogenic forcing, The Cryosphere, 14, 3479-3486, 2020.
  • See also: (presentation of the paper)
    Plots, Figures
    van-achter-fig1 pre png
    van-achter-fig1 hist png
    van-achter-fig1 fut png
    Pre-Industrial 1760-1850 (pdf) (png)& MEM (6 values/yr)
    Pre-Industr. max-min (pdf) (png)~35-yr cycle
    Pre-Industrial Wavelets (pdf) (png)
    Historical 1850-2020 (pdf) (png)& MEM (4 values/yr)
    Historical max-min (pdf) (png)~30-yr cycle
    Historical Wavelets (pdf) (png)
    SIV PIOMASS mo (pdf) (png)Monthly, Observed
    SIV PIOMASS yr (pdf) (png)Annual, Observed
    SIV PIOMASS yr det (pdf) (png)Annual, Detrended, Comp
    Future 2020-2100 (pdf) (png)& MEM (6 values/yr)
    Future max-min (pdf) (png)~60-yr cycle
    Future Wavelets (pdf) (png)
    AO 1950-2020 (pdf) (png)& MEM
    All SIV 1760-2100 (pdf) (png)
    All MEM (pdf) (png)
    All Wavelets (pdf) (png)
    Pre MEM(out)
    Historical MEM(out)
    PIOMASS orig(dat)monthly
    PIOMASS mo(txt)monthly
    PIOMASS mo MEM(out)
    PIOMASS yr(txt)annual
    PIOMASS yr MEM(out)
    PIOMASS yr det(txt)annual
    PIOMASS yr det MEM(out)
    Future MEM(out)Digitized
    AO(txt)Arctic Oscillation
    AO MEM(out)
    All SIV Stat(out)3 sections
    pre.bon, hist.bon, fut.bon,
    piomass, obs: siv-mo.bon, siv-yr.bon, siv-yr-det.bon,
    all-siv.bon, pre-stat.bon, hist-stat.bon, fut-stat.bon, all-mem.bon, ao.bon,
    dig-pre.bon, dig-hist.bon, dig-fut.bon, date12.f,
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