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NE Germany, Baltic Sea level, last 9 Kyr
••• CM133, sea level  ••• CM167: 540 Ma (~/noaa/billion/tert.bon)
  • (list of a series of papers about Holocenic Sea Level, higher than actually)

  • Reinhard Lampe, Elisabeth Endtmann, Wolfgang Janke, Hinrich Meyer: Relative sea-level development and isostasy along the NE German Baltic Sea coast during the past 9 ka., Quaternary Science Journal, 59, 1-2, 2010. full text
  • Reinhard Lampe, Matthias Lampe: The role of sea-level changes in the evolution of coastal barriers – An example from the southwestern Baltic Sea, The Holocene, published December 24, 2020, (full text)
    Plots, Figures
    MSL Warnemunde (D) (slinfo) see map
    MSL Wismar (D) (slinfo) see map
    MSL Swinoujscie (PL) (slinfo) =Swinemunde, map
    MSL Gedser (DK) (slinfo) see map
    Map: Germany (pdf) (png)Fig.1, Lampe10
    Map: Peenemunde, sat (pdf) Lampe20
    Non-eustatic movement (pdf) (png)Fig.11, Lampe10
    Quaternary, Ref. (pdf) (png)all ages
    Fischland msl (pdf) (png)
    Fischland LOMB (pdf) (png)
    Wismar Bucht slm (pdf) (png)
    Wismar LOMB (pdf) (png)
    N-Rügen/Hiddensee slm (pdf) (png)
    Rugen LOMB (pdf) (png)
    All: Compared slm (pdf) (png)
    All: 3Kyr linear fits (pdf) (png)
    All: Lomb spectra (pdf) (png)and zoom
    Table Spectra(html)
    Fischland LOMB(out)
    Wismar Bucht(dat)
    Wismar Lomb(out)
    N-Rügen/Hidd Lomb(out)
    All fit ==>3k BCE(app)
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