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Po Basin Rainfall Erosivity 1500-2019
(Diodato et al 2020a)

  • Diodato et al., 2020 . Nazzareno Diodato, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Gianni Bellocchi: Monthly storminess over the Po River Basin during the past millennium (800–2018 CE), Environ. Res. Commun, 2, 2020. (10-12 and 18-20 yr periods in Po river storm severity).   S.I. (Dataset)
  • Diodato et al., 2020a . Nazzareno Diodato, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Gianni Bellocchi: Historical predictability of rainfall erosivity: a reconstruction for monitoring extremes over Northern Italy (1500–2019) , npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, 3, 46, 2020. s41612-020-00144-9; S.I.
  • Koutsoyiannis, 2003 Koutsoyiannis D.: Climate change, the Hurst phenomenon, and hydrological statistics , Hydrological Sciences-Journal-des Sciences Hydrologiques, 48:1, 3-24, 2003. S.I. doi:10.1623/hysj.481.3.43481
  • Zanchettin et al., 2008
    Plots, Figures
    Diodato etal, 2020a (pdf) (png) 1500-2018 CE Figure 5
    Rainfall Erosivity(pdf) (png) 1500-2018 CE and MEM spectrum
    Erosivity Wavelet(pdf) (png) Po River Wavelet spectrum
    Erosivity Deriv(pdf) (png) 1500-2018 CE and MEM spectrum
    Erosivity Deriv Wavelet(pdf) (png) Ho=0.697 Wavelet spectrum
    Erosivity ALL Wavelet(pdf) (png) both 2020a Wavelet spectra
    Erosivity ACFs(pdf) (png) Ho=0.855; Hd=0.697 Obs & Deriv
    Erosivity Variance(pdf) (png) 26 groups 20 yrs each one
    Erosivity Variance(pdf) (png) 17 groups 30 yrs each one
    Periods, Comp.(txt) Obs & Deriv
    Original Dataset, Model(xls) Used colums 8 & 9
    Rainfall Erosivity(txt) Annual
    Erosivity, MEM(out)
    Erosivity ACF(out) 120 lags
    Erosivity, Deriv(out)
    Erosivity, Deriv MEM(out)
    Erosivity, Deriv ACF(out) 120 lags
    Erosivity, Variance(out) 20-yr groups statistical params.
    Erosivity, Variance(out) 30-yr groups statstical params.

    2020a.bon, 2020a-der.bon, 2020a-acf.bon, 2020a-var.bon, 2020a-var30.bon,

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