500-Millions year series of Isotopic ratios


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  • (87Sr/86Sr plot taken from here, pag.13)
    Plots, Figures     
    Fig.16-Prokoph (png)
    Fig.21-Prokoph (png)
    Fig.5-Davis (png)
    unife 87Sr/86Sr (png)
    Geological Periods (pdf) (png) within Phanerozoic Eon
    Epochs(pdf) (png)withinTertiary Period
    500-0 Myr Prokoph fig.16
    δ18O(pdf) (png) low-latitude not reversed
    δ18O Wave(pdf) (png) (cap)low-latitude not reversed
    δ18O fit(pdf) (png) (cap)Eq. §8 Prokoph two sin waves
    δ13C(pdf) (png) low-latitude
    δ13C Wave(pdf) (png) low-latitude
    δ34S(pdf) (png)
    δ34S Wave(pdf) (png)
    87Sr/86Sr(pdf) (png)
    87Sr/86Sr Wave(pdf) (png)
    ALL together(pdf) (png)
    3.5-0 Byr Billion yrsProkoph fig. 21
    δ18O(pdf) (png) Fig.21 Prokoph
    δ18O Wave(pdf) (png) Fig.21 Prokoph
    δ13C(pdf) (png) Fig.21Prokoph
    δ13C Wave(pdf) (png) Fig.21Prokoph
    Temperature-CO2relationship Davis Fig.5
    CO2, proxy(pdf) (png) ppmv*10^3
    CO2 Wave, proxy(pdf) (png) ppmv*10^3
    TEMP, proxy(pdf) (png) permilδ18O, reversed
    TEMP Wave, proxy(pdf) (png) permilδ18O, reversed
    CO2-TEMP Spectra(pdf) (png) (cap) DifferentRithms as Davis fig.7
    BOTH together(pdf) (png) Data & LombSpectrum
    CCF T-CO2(pdf) (png) Cross.Correl.0-425 Myr
    CCF T-ln(CO2)(pdf) (png) Cross.Correl.0-425 Myr
    SVANTE 100(pdf) (png) ln(CO2/CO2o)100 Myr steps, smooth
    SVANTE(pdf) (png) log(CO2)100 Myr steps, smooth
    SVANTE0(pdf) (png) fits100 Myr steps
    SVANTE0 Temp(pdf) (png) no line, fits(app) Params
    SVANTE ERE(pdf) (png) Lines (smooth)Geo-Periods
    SVANTE ERE Temp(pdf) (png) Lines (smooth)Geo-Periods
    SVANTE ERE FITS(pdf) (png) Linear Fits of Geo-Periods
    Spectral maxima(html)Table 1
    Geological Periods(html)Table 2
    Transform δ-to-°C(html)Table S7 SMWesterhold
    et al., 2020
    500-0 Myr Prokoph fig.16
    δ18O(out) 2 sin wavesProkoph §8
    δ18O LOMB(out)
    δ13C LOMB(out)
    δ34S LOMB(out)
    87Sr/86Sr LOMB(out)
    3.5-0 Byr Billion yrsProkoph fig. 21
    d18O-21 LOMB(out)
    d13C-21 LOMB(out)
    Temperature-CO2relationship Davis Fig.5
    CO2 LOMB(out)
    Temp. LOMB(out)
    CCF T-CO2(out)
    CCF T-ln(CO2)(out)
    Params of linear fits(app)of Geo-Periods

    d18O.bon, d13C.bon, d34S.bon, d87Sr.bon, ere.bon, ere-fit.bon, tert.bon,
    co2.bon, t.bon, d18O-21.bon, d13C-21.bon, eq.bon, ccf.bon, ccf-ln.bon,
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