A Cave in Central-West Portugal
Comparison with a Greek Cave

data C13/O18 from:
  • Kluge et al., 2020 Tobias Kluge, Tatjana S. Münster, Norbert Frank, Elisabeth Eiche, Regina Mertz-Kraus, Denis Scholz, Martin Finné, Ingmar Unkel: A 4000-year long Late Holocene climate record from Hermes Cave (Peloponnese, Greece) , Climate of the Past , May 2020. (July 24, 2020: under review
  • Thatcher et al., 2020. Tatcher et al., 2020. Hydroclimate variability from western Iberia (Portugal) during the Holocene: Insights from a composite stalagmite isotope record. The Holocene, 30 (7), 966-981, 2020.
    Plots, Figures 00readmelin-lin
    238U(pdf) (png) (pdf) (png)
    232Th(pdf) (png) (pdf) (png)
    δ234U(pdf) (png) (pdf) (png)
    230Th/238U(pdf) (png) (pdf) (png)
    230Th/232Th(pdf) (png) (pdf) (png)
    Histogram (periods)(pdf) (png) Variable bin width
    Buraca GloriosaCave Portugal
    δ13C(pdf) (png) (cap)
    δ18O(pdf) (png) (cap)
    δ18O & Sun(pdf) (png) (cap)
    Both Series w/ events(pdf) (png) (cap)
    Hermes CavePeloponnese, Greece
    δ13C(pdf) (png) (cap)
    δ18O(pdf) (png) (cap)
    Original dataset(txt) IsotopesTable 1, Tatcher et al., 2020
    Derived dataset(txt) IsotopesTable 1, Thatcher et al., 2020
    Used dataset 1(txt) alv1.txt
    Used dataset 2(txt) alv2.txt
    U238 Det(txt) (txt)
    U238 Lomb(out) (out)
    Th232 Det(txt) (txt)
    Th232 Lomb(out) (out)
    δU238 Det(txt) (txt)
    δU234 Lomb(out) (out)
    Th230/U238 Det(txt) (txt)
    Th230/U238 Lomb(out) (out)
    Th230/Th232 Det(txt) (txt)
    Th230/Th232 Lomb(out) (out)
    Histogram bins(txt)
    Histogram periods(html) Table 2, 5 Series
    Buraca Gloriosa CavePortugal
    δ13C & δ18O(txt)
    δ13C MEM(out)
    δ18O MEM(out)
    Hermes CavePeloponneseGreece
    δ13C LOMB(out)
    δ18O LOMB(out)

    u238.bon, th232.bon, du234.bon, thu.bon, thth.bon, isto.bon,
    u238k.bon, th232k.bon, du234k.bon, thuk.bon, ththk.bon,
    bgc.bon, bgo.bon, hermesl-d13C.bon, hermesl-d180.bon,
    det-u238.bmr, det-th232.bmr, det-du234.bmr, det-thu.bmr, det-thth.bmr,
    det-u238k.bmr, det-th232k.bmr, det-du234k.bmr, det-thuk.bmr, det-ththk.bmr,
    rtab.f, hermesc.f, hermesl.f,
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