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Lake Petit (French Alps) sediments and the 4.2 Ka event.
Also Lake Monticchio (Southern Italy), Lake Heimerdalsvatnet (Norway)
and a Cave near Alvados, Portugal

Please note: I use "Ka" as "Kyr BP". See here for a better description

  • The 4.2 kiloyear event (Wikipedia)
  • Monticchio Lakes
  • Monticchio (South Italy)
  • Balascio et al., 2011 Nicholas L. Balascio, Zhaohui Zhang, Raymond S. Bradley, Bianca Perren, Svein Olaf Dahl, Jostein Bakke: A multi-proxy approach to assessing isolation basin stratigraphy from the Lofoten Islands, Norway, Quaternary Research, 75, 288-300, 2011.
  • Cartier et al, 2019. Rosine Cartier, Florence Sylvestre, Christine Paillès, Corinne Sonzogni, Martine Couapel, Anne Alexandre, Jean-Charles Mazur, Elodie Brisset, Cécile Miramont and Frédéric Guiter: Diatom-oxygen isotope record from high-altitude Lake Petit (2200 m a.s.l.) in the Mediterranean Alps: shedding light on a climatic pulse at 4.2 ka, Clim.Past, 15, 253-263, 2019.
  • Cartier et al, 2015. Cartier et al., 2015 Rosine Cartier, Elodie Brisset, Christine Paillès, Frédéric Guiter, Florence Sylvestre, Florence Ruaudel, Edward J Anthony and Cécile Miramont: 5000 years of lacustrine ecosystem changes from Lake Petit (Southern Alps, 2200m a.s.l.): Regime shift and resilience of algal communities, The Holocene, 25 (8), 1231-1245, 2015.
  • Thatcher et al., 2020. Diana L Thatcher, Alan D Wanamaker, Rhawn F Denniston, Yemane Asmerom, Victor J Polyak, Daniel Fullick, Caroline C Ummenhofer, David P Gillikin and Jonathan A Haws.: Hydroclimate variability from western Iberia (Portugal) during the Holocene: Insights from a composite stalagmite isotope record. The Holocene, 30 (7), 966-981, 2020.
    Plots, Figures
    Fig.1, Cartier 2019(png)
    Fig.2, Cartier 2015(png) (cap)
    Fig.7, Thatcher 2020(png)
    Fig.8, Balascio 2011(png)
    δ18O Diatom(pdf) (png) 0-5 Ka <======
    δ18O Diatom(pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum
    Lake Monticchio All (pdf) (png) (cap)0-10 Ka 6 Bio-variables
    Lake Monticchio W.Taxa (pdf) (png) (cap)0-10 Ka Woody Taxa
    Lake Heimer Ti (pdf) (png) (cap)0-6 Ka Titanium
    Lake Heimer Ca (pdf) (png) 0-6 Ka Calcium
    Lake Heimer S (pdf) (png) 0-6 Ka Sulfur
    Lake Heimer Si/Ti (pdf) (png) 0-6 Ka Silicium/Titatnium
    Lake Heimer MS (pdf) (png) (cap)0-6 Ka  Magnetic Susceptibility
    MS Depth/Age (pdf) (png) 0-6 Ka Calibration Curve
    Lake Heimer All (pdf) (png) (cap) 3-5 Ka 5 Series+Cal.Curve
    Lake Heimer TIC/TOC (pdf) (png) (cap) 3-5 Ka 2 Series
    Cave Alvados δU234(pdf) (png) (cap)3-5 Ka δUranium234
    Cave Alvados Th232 (pdf) (png) 3-5 Ka Thorium232
    Cave Alvados U238 (pdf) (png) 3-5 Ka Uranium238
    Cave Alvados Th/Th (pdf) (png) 3-5 Ka Th230/Th232
    Cave Alvados Th/U (pdf) (png) 3-5 Ka Th230/U238
    Cave Alvados All (pdf) (png) (cap) 3-5 Ka 5 Series
    Dataset (txt)
    d180-LOMB (out)
    LOI(txt) Loss On Ignition
    Magnetic Susc.(txt)
    Pollen Counts(txt)
    δ18O(txt) Ionian core M25/4-1
    Heimer dataset(txt)
    Heimer TIC & TOC(txt)
    Ti LOMB(out)
    Ca LOMB(out)
    S LOMB(out)
    Si/Ti LOMB(out)
    Mag.Susc. LOMB(out)
    Alv1 dataset(txt)Cave near AlvadosPortugal
    Alv2 dataset(txt)Cave near AlvadosPortugal

    d180.bon, ti.bon, ms.bon, s.bon, siti.bon, dyr.bon,
    du234-42.bon th232-42.bon u238-42.bon thth-42.bon thu-42.bon
    monti10.bon, alva35.bon heim35.bon tictoc.bon taxa010.bon
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