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    Plots, Figures
    Δ14C  (stui)(pdf) (png) 1510-1954 and MEM spectrum, Trees***
    Δ14C  (viet)(pdf) (png) 1571-1950 and MEM spectrum, Coral
    Cosmic Rays
    Usoskin   (cr)
    (pdf) (png) 1700-2012 and MEM spectrum
    Δ14C+ C.Rays
    (pdf) (png)1700-2012
    0-30 yr
    (pdf) (png)2012 plot MEM from NASA data,
    before revision to GN
    0-100 yr
    (pdf) (png)2012 plot MEM from NASA data,
    before revision to GN
    (OLD & NEW)
    (pdf) (png)2015 plots SSN v2,
    revision to GN (CM45)
    (pdf) (png) SSN v2,
    Table 1 data(txt) AnnualTree rings (NW USA firs)
    Δ14C MEM(out)
    Vietnam data(txt) AnnualCoral
    Δ14C MEM(out)
    Cosmic Rays
    (txt) Annual1700-1012
    Cosmic Rays
    30-yr smooth
    (out) Annual1700-1012
    Cosmic Rays MEM(out)
    NASA SSN MEM(out) old SSN series
    SSN V2(txt) new SSN series
    SSN OLD(dat) old SSN series
    TSI Steinhilber et al., 2009(txt)
    TSI Steinhilber MEM(out)


    stui.bon, cr.bon, stui-cr.bon,
    viet.bon, stein.bon,

    *** Four US Pacific northwest Douglas firs and one Noble fir were used
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