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Caspian Sea level 1956-2018 and Iranian Southern coast meteo (Arpe et al., 2020)

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    Map (Mountains)(jpg)=======>Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Iranian Coast
    Map (Air)(png)=======>Cyclonic air masse from NE
    Temp,Rain,Wind (pdf) (png) 1956-2018
    Arpe all MEM (pdf) (png) 1956-2018
    Caspian Sea Level (pdf) (png) 1921-2018digitized from Arpe et al., 2020, fig.1
    NAO DJFM, annual (pdf) (png)1864-2018from: UCAR, accessed April 2019
    Temp,Rain,Wind (txt)1956-2018
    Temp SW, SC, SE(out) SW(out) SC(out) SE MEM
    Rain SW, SC, SE(out) SW(out) SC(out) SE MEM
    Wind SW, SC, SE(out) SW(out) SC(out) SE MEM
    Caspian Sea Level (txt)1921-2018, digitized
    NAO DJFM Annual (txt)1864-2018
    NAO DJFM MEM (out)

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