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Eastern Equatorial Pacific (EEP) core, 2020 data
Marcantonio et al, 2020

Map Marc20;   Map Higgins02;   Map Higgins02 composite

  • Anderson et al., 2014 Anderson RF, Barker S, Fleisher M, Gersonde R, Goldstein SL, Kuhn G, Mortyn PG, Pahnke K, Sachs JP: Biological response to millennial variability of dust and nutrient supply in the Subantarctic South Atlantic Ocean. , Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A, 372, 20130054, 2014.
  • Higgins et al., 2002 Higgins S.M., Anderson R.F., Marcantonio F.,Schlosser P., Stute M.: Sediment focusing creates 100-ka cycles in interplanetary dust accumulation on the Ontong Java Plateau, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 203, pp. 383-397, 2002.
  • Lopes et al., 2015 Cristina Lopes, Michel Kucera and Alan C. Mix: Climate change decouples oceanic primary and export productivity and organic carbon burial, PNAS, 112-2, 332-335, 2015. S.I..
  • Marcantonio et al., 2020 Franco Marcantonio, Ryan Hostak, Jennifer Hertzberg & Matthew W. Schmidt: Deep Equatorial Pacific Ocean Oxygenation and Atmospheric CO2 Over The Last Ice Age ., Scientific Reports, 10, 6606, 2020     Dataset
  • John W.Drexler, W.I.Rose Jr, R.S.J.Sparks, M.T.Ledbetter: The Los Chocoyos Ash, guatemala: A major stratigraphic marker in middle America and in three ocean basins,Quaternary Research, 13, 327-345, 1980.
  • Bereiter et al., 2015 Bernhard Bereiter, Sarah Eggleston, Jochen Schmitt Thomas F. Stocker, Hubertus Fischer, Sepp Kipfstuhl and Jerome Chappellaz: Revision of the EPICA Dome C CO2 record from 800 to 600 kyr before present , GRL, 42, 542-549, 2015.
    ••• (image of Los Chocoyos ash within the EEP core) •••

    MARC all data (pdf) (png) All Data together
    MARC all MEM (pdf) (png) All Spectra together
    Marc 3 (pdf) (png) 230Th MARData & MEM Spectrum
    Marc 4 (pdf) (png) 232 Th MARData & MEM Spectrum
    Marc 4 Ext. (pdf) (png) 232 Th MARLooking for Los Chocoyos ash
    Marc 5 (pdf) (png) Authigenic UData & MEM Spectrum
    Marc 6 (pdf) (png) xsBaData & MEM Spectrum
    Marc 7 (pdf) (png) δ 18OData & MEM Spectrum
    HIGG-odp Table 1 (pdf) (png) All data togetherHiggings et al., 2002, table 1
    HIGG-odp all LOMB (pdf) (png) SpectraHiggins et al., 2002
    HIGG-rc Table 3 (pdf) (png) All data togetherHiggings et al., 2002, table 3
    HIGG-rc all LOMB (pdf) (png) SpectraHiggins et al., 2002
    LR04 (pdf) (png) δ 18O0-180 Ka
    EPICA CO2 (pdf) (png) ppmv, 2 stationsAntarctica 0-150 Ka
    LR04 & CO2 (pdf) (png) δ 18O & Talos Dome& Composite
    LR04 & CO2 LOMB (pdf) (png) LOMB Spectra
    CO2 Composite LOMB (pdf) (png) LOMB Spectrum
    -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
    MARC .txt 0-180Kyr
    Marc 3 mem .out
    Marc 4 mem .out
    Marc 5 mem .out
    Marc 6 mem .out
    Marc 7 mem .out
    HIGG odp .txt ODP806C, 0-180Kyr
    HIGG 3 lomb .out
    HIGG 5 lomb .out
    HIGG 7 lomb .out
    HIGG 9 lomb .out
    HIGG rc .txt RC17-177, 0-180Kyr
    HIGG r3 lomb .out
    HIGG r5 lomb .out
    HIGG r7 lomb .out
    HIGG r9 lomb .out
    MARC .txt 0-180Kyr
    Marc 3 mem .out
    Marc 4 mem .out
    Marc 5 mem .out
    Marc 6 mem .out
    LR04 .txt
    LR04 LOMB .out
    Epica Co2 .txt
    Epica Co2 LOMB .out
    Composite Co2 .txt
    Composite Co2 LOMB .out

    marc3.bon, marc4.bon, marc5.bon, marc6.bon, marc7.bon, marc-all.bon, marc-all-mem.bon,
    odp-all.bon, odp-all-mem.bon, rc-all.bon, rc-all-mem.bon,
    lr04.bon, epicaco2.bon, comp-lomb.bon,

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