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Sea Level Acceleration

WUWT post by W.Eschenbach;    and    his data repository;        Koutsoyiannis' method;        Tamino's blog (open mind)    Balon,1999 pag.108.
  • Royer-1993.pdf. Royer T.C.: High‐latitude oceanic variability associated with the 18.6‐ye tide, JGR, 98, C3
    Koutsoyannis, 2006
    Koutsoyannis, 2006
    Plots, Figures     
    1-10(pdf) (png)
    11-20(pdf) (png)
    21-30(pdf) (png)
    31-40(pdf) (png)
    41-50(pdf) (png)
    51-60(pdf) (png)
    61-63(pdf) (png)
    R2 vs. R2 (pdf) (png)
    May 2020Lomb Spectralooking for 18.6 yr
    Table 1(html)Ordered by latitude
    Table 2(html)In alphabetical sequence
    Table 3(html)In plotted sequence
    1-10 Lomb(pdf) (png)
    11-20 Lomb(pdf) (png)
    21-30 Lomb(pdf) (png)
    31-40 Lomb(pdf) (png)
    41-50 Lomb(pdf) (png)
    51-60 Lomb(pdf) (png)
    61-63 Lomb(pdf) (png)
    1-10 (txt)
    11-20 (txt)
    21-30 (txt)
    31-40 (txt)
    41-50 (txt)
    51-60 (txt)
    61-63 (txt)
    1-21 (dat)
    22-42 (dat)
    43-63 (dat)
    Fits (app)
    R2 vs. R2 (txt)
    balon3 (out) n,rl2,rq2,f-sta,p-val,nek,fsta,p-val
    h2app (out) acf(1),H,NeffK,NeffN,Ndata
    Numerical values of 63 spectraTable 4

    stat1.bon, stat2.bon, stat3.bon, stat4.bon, stat5.bon, stat6.bon, stat7.bon, r2.bon,
    lomb.bon, st1-lomb.bon, st2-lomb.bon, st3-lomb.bon, st4-lomb.bon, st5-lomb.bon, st6-lomb.bon, st7-lomb.bon,
    st1-10.bon, st2-10.bon, st3-10.bon, st4-10.bon, st5-10.bon, st6-10.bon, st7-10.bon,
    hurst.f, hurst2.f, h2app.f, fisher.f, balon.f, balon2.f, balon3.f, 63stat.f, 63-stat.f,
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