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Storminess over the Po basin

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    Plots, Figures
    Diodato etal, 2020 (pdf) (png) 800-2018 CE Figure 4
    ASSIS (Storminess)(pdf) (png) 800-2018 CE and LOMB spectrum
    ASSIS 3-Periods(pdf) (png) MWP,LIA,MW and LOMB spectrum
    ASSIS Nasa(pdf) (png) 800-2018 CE LOMB spectrum
    ASSIS Nasa Zoom(pdf) (png) 800-2018 CE LOMB spectrum
    ASSIS smoothed(pdf) (png) 800-2018 and LOMB spectrum
    ASSIS both(pdf) (png) 800-2018 and LOMB spectrum
    Wye River CRU Wavelet(pdf) (png) 1856-2002 WAVELET Spectrum
    Wye River NRFA Wavelet (pdf) (png) 1956-2017 WAVELET Spectrum
    Wye River CRU MEM(pdf) (png) 1856-2002 MEM Spectrum
    Wye River NRFA MEM(pdf) (png) 1956-2017 MEM Spectrum
    Oulu Neutron Monitor(pdf) (png) 1964-2020 Cosmic Rays and MEM Spectrum
    Oulu-ASSIS comp.(pdf) (png) 1964-2002
    Usoskin CR Recon(pdf) (png) 1700-2002 Cosmic Rays and MEM Spectrum
    Usoskin-ASSIS comp.(pdf) (png) Comparison CRs-ASSIS
    Scafetta2012 fig.3a(pdf) (png) Spectrum of SSN Sun Spot Number (old series)
    AMO and LOMB(pdf) (png) 1850-2018 and LOMB Spectrum
    AMO-ASSIS comp.(pdf) (png) Comparison AMO-ASSIS
    NAO and LOMB(pdf) (png) 1850-2018 and LOMB Spectrum
    NAO-ASSIS comp.(pdf) (png) Comparison NAO-ASSIS
    ASSIS, Annual(txt) Sparse dataset
    ASSIS, LOMB(out)
    ASSIS, MWP LOMB(out)
    ASSIS, LIA LOMB(out)
    ASSIS, MW LOMB(out)
    ASSIS, Annual Smooth(txt)
    ASSIS, Smooth, LOMB(out)
    Wye CRU MEM(out) 1856-2002
    Wye NRFA MEM(out) 1956-2017
    Oulu Neutron Monitor(txt) 1964-2020
    Oulu NM MEM(out)
    Usoskin CRs model(txt) 1700-2002
    Usoskin CRs MEM(out) 1700-2002
    AMO year(txt) 1856-2016
    AMO det(txt)
    AMO yr LOMB(out) 1700-2002
    NAO DJFM year(txt) 1864-2017Hurrel station-based
    NAO det(txt)
    NAO yr LOMB(out)


    diodato.bon, diodato3.bon, wye-mem.bon, wyen-mem.bon,
    oulu-cr.bon, oulu-cfr.bon, cr.bon, cr-cfr.bon, amo.bon, amo-cfr.bon, nao.bon, nao-cfr.bon,
    detrend-amo.bmr, detrend-nao.bmr, detrend-mwp.bmr, detrend-lia.bmr, detrend-mw.bmr, inset3.bmr, inset-nao.bmr,

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