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Comparison Greenland-Antarctica ice cores
(for Co2 and Temperature)
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NEEM=North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling ice core
Please note: Ion Concentration is in (ng/g) [nano grams/grams] units [Schüpbach et al, 2018], or parts per billion (ppb).

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    Added after publication: to be read ..
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        An interesting article by Renee Hannon appeared in WUWT Jan 7, 2020. It shows that the long-considered failed CO2 concentration in Greenland ice cores (GRIP, GISP2, ...) presents a real difference with respect to the Antarctica cores. This article must be read. From the same author see also: (HadCRUT4 wavelets analysis) and the 2020 WUWT post at
    and, at his Linkedin profile: (where he compares the last three Interglacial periods named Warm I,II,III).

  • (WUWT Paleoclimate Reference Page)
  • (Middleton 2019: resolution and Hockey Stick))
  • See also (Video)
  • and (Andy May, 2015)

    Plots, Figures
    δ18O North & Sud (pdf) (png) Greenland and Antarctica
    Depth-Age scale (pdf) (png) Used parabola~ 300 yr lead
    CO2 GISP only (pdf) (png) Greenland CO2 andBond events
    CO2 GISP LOMB (pdf) (png) Greenland CO2 Spectrum
    CO2 North & Sud (pdf) (png) Greenland andAntarctica
    CO2 Extended (pdf) (png) CO2 series use the same data
    CO2 NS Modern (pdf) (png) Comparison: North,South & fit of modern series
    CO2 NS Modern Zoom (pdf) (png) as above, enlargement
    EPICA CO2 (pdf) (png) AntarcticaComposite
    EPICA CO2 LOMB (pdf) (png) AntarcticaComposite
    δ18O & CO2 (pdf) (png) All data4 series
    δ18O & CO2 (pdf) (png) Like a cartoonsmooth 20pt
    δ18O Ca,H2O2,NH4 (pdf) (png) Comparing Shapes
    LOMB of δ18O (pdf) (png) Comparing Spectra
    LOMB of δ18O freq. (pdf) (png) Frequency: compare to fig.2Huybers (2022)
    LOMB of Ca, NH4 (pdf) (png)
    δ18O & ions (pdf) (png) Smooth 10 pointsNEEM-ion
    δ18O & ions (pdf) (png) Smooth 30 pointsNEEM-ion30
    δ18O & ions (pdf) (png) Smooth 50 pointsNEEM grip8-ion
    δ18O & ions (pdf) (png) d180+3 ionsNEEM grip4-ion
    δ18O & ions (pdf) (png) d180+2 ionsNEEM grip3-ion
    δ18O & ions (pdf) (png) d180+3 ionsNEEM grip4-20
    δ18O & ions (pdf) (png) d180+2 ionsNEEM grip3-20
    δ18O Gisp2,Ngrip,Vostok (pdf) (png) Greenlanddeltao
    δ18O Gisp2,Ngrip,Vostok (pdf) (png) Zoom, 50 Ka'sdeltao50
    δ18O et al.,Gisp (pdf) (png) 0-40 Ka, Greenland Deltasgd.txt
    δ18O et al.,Gisp (pdf) (png) 0-40 Ka, Greenland Deltasgd.txt last 3
    δ18O et al.,Gisp (pdf) (png) 0-40 Ka, Greenland Elementsgel.txt
    δ18O et al.,Gisp (pdf) (png) 0-40 Ka, Greenland Elementsgel.txt last 3
    ---- -------------
    GISP2 CO2.txtGreenland, original no age, only depth
    Depth-Age Transf..txtfrom Smith et al., 1997 Table 1
    GISP2 CO2.txtGreenland, in Kyr BP
    GISP2 CO2 LOMB.outGreenland, CO2 Spectrum
    VOSTOK δ18O.txtAntarctica
    GISP2 δ18O.txtGreenland
    Antarctic CO2.txtComposite
    Antarctic CO2 LOMB.outSpectrum
    EPICA Antar. CO2.txtComposite
    Barrow CO2 76-18.txtModern series
    South Pole CO2 76-18.txtModern series
    GISP2 δ18O.txt
    GRIP Ca.txt
    GRIP H2O2.txt
    GRIP NH4.txt
    GRIP Ca MEM.out
    GRIP NH4 MEM.out
    NGRIP δ18O.txtOriginal
    NGRIP δ18O.txtUsed here
    Greenland Deltas.txtOriginal PANGAEA repeated depths
    Greenland Deltas.txtUsed here Unique depths
    Greenland Elements.txtUsed here

    co2tx.bon, co2sn.bon, co2sne.bon, deltao.bon, deltao50.bon,
    co2.bon, co2a-lomb.bon, co2sud.bon, co2ext.bon, d-a.bon, epicaco2.bon, grip-ca.bon, grip-lomb.bon,
    grip4-ion.bon, grip3-ion.bon, grip8-ion.bon, grip-ion30.bon,
    neem-ion30.bon, neem-ion.bon, gd.bon, gd2.bon, gel.bon, gel2.bon,
    co2.f, gel.f,
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