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Entering Glacial Era and other Waggeries
(Verso l'Era Glaciale e altre amenità)
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         It is really amusing to note that NASA Climate site -i.e. Gavin Schmidt, Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS)- presents the same CO2 series used here (apart it is the older version by Luthi et al, 2008, corrected in 2015, while I use here the newer version by Bereiter et al., 2015), to fix the evidence of AGW by means of the gigantic CO2 growth after 1950, without doing mention of the fact that the rightmost section of the plot (from 1950 onward) is the modern Mauna Loa data set (NOAA Mauna Loa CO2 record is only quoted in the label without any other reference) at a time resolution (2-3 years have been used in the dataset) not available to the paleo section (resolution range 100-2000 years for the section I've used in the post).

    Plots, Figures Nasa Climate
    Antartic δ18O (pdf) (png) from NOAA Paleo 0-200 kyr BP
    Antartic δ18O (pdf) (png) from NOAA Paleo 0-11 kyr BPcompare to Ludecke et al.,2015 Fig.1
    Vostok Spectrum 11 kyr (pdf) (png) Ludecke et al., 2015 0-11 kyr BP
    δ18O & CO2 (pdf) (png)
    δD & CO2 (pdf) (png) CO2 & Deuterium excess(a temperature proxy)
    δD & CO2-20ppm (pdf) (png) CO2-20 ppm
    δ18O & CO2 (pdf) (png) Like a cartoonsmooth 20pt
    ---- -------------
    Antartic CO2.txt
    Antartic LOMB 11Kyr.out
    Fuji Ice Core
    (Uemura, 2018)
    .txtNOAA Paleo Orig δD, δ18O

    lo180.bon co2t2.bon co2t3.bon lo180-11.bon
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