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Some CMIP5 Models from KNMI and Comparison to Data
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  • Smith, T.M., R.W. Reynolds, T.C. Peterson, and J. Lawrimore: Improvements to NOAA’s historical merged land-ocean surface temperature analysis (1880-2006), J. Clim., 21, 2283-2296, 2008.
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  • Vedere anche: WG1AR5_Chapter09_FINAL.pdf

    Plots, Figures      
    Figure 11.25 (IPCC AR5) (pdf) (png) IPCC AR5 Figure 11.25 1986-2050
    Envelopes of 100 models (pdf) (png) Upper, Lower, HC4by Luigi Mariani,1986-2050
    Envelopes MEM (pdf) (png) Upper, Lower, HC41986-2050
    Envelopes HC4-0.3C (pdf) (png) 1986-2050
    Envelopes HC4-0.5C (pdf) (png) 1986-2050
    Extended Envelopes (pdf) (png) 1850 through 1985
    Extended Envelopes (UP/DOWN) (pdf) (png)
    ACCESS 1-3 (pdf) (png) 4.5 & 8.5 RCP
    ACCESS 1-3 MEM (pdf) (png) 4.5, 8.5 RCP & HC4
    ACCESS 1-3 short (pdf) (png) 4.5 & 8.5 RCP Only observed period
    BNU-ESM (pdf) (png) 2.6 & 8.5 RCP
    BNU-ESM MEM (pdf) (png) 2.6, 8.5 RCP & HC4
    CSSM4 (pdf) (png) 2.6 & 8.5 RCP
    CSSM4 MEM (pdf) (png) 2.6, 8.5 RCP & HC4
    INMCM4 (pdf) (png) 4.5 & 8.5 RCP
    INMCM4 MEM (pdf) (png) 4.5, 8.5 RCP & HC4 russian model
    two-models (pdf) (png) BNU & CSSM4 Compared to HC4
    Average RCP 2.6,8.5 (pdf) (png) & HC4
    Average MEM RCP 2.6,8.5 (pdf) (png) & HC4
    Comparison RCP 8.5 (pdf) (png)
    Comparison RCP 4.5 (pdf) (png) & HC4
    Comparison RCP 2.6 (pdf) (png) & HC4
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    Luigi's Excel sheet.xlsxlast version October 14, 2019
    HadCRUT4, Annual.txtHC4
    ACCESS 1.3 4.5.txt
    ACCESS 1.3 8.5.txt
    ACCESS 1.3 4.5 MEM.out
    ACCESS 1.3 8.5 MEM.out
    BNU-ESM 2.6.txt
    BNU-ESM 8.5.txt
    BNU-ESM 2.6 MEM.out
    BNU-ESM 8.5 MEM.out
    CSSM4 2.6.txt
    CSSM4 8.5.txt
    CSSM4 2.6 MEM.out
    CSSM4 8.5 MEM.out
    INMCM4 4.5.txt
    INMCM4 8.5.txt
    INMCM4 4.5 MEM.out
    INMCM4 8.5 MEM.out
    AVERAGE 2.6.txt
    AVERAGE 4.5.txt
    AVERAGE 8.5.txt
    AVERAGE 2.6 MEM.out
    AVERAGE 8.5 MEM.out
    MINIMUM MODEL VALUE.txtenv.txt, for fig.4 ExtEnv Up/Down

    acc13-45.bon acc13.bon acc13-mem.bon, bnu26.bon, bnu.bon, bnu-mem.bon,
    cssm4-mem.bon, russ45.bon, russ86.bon, russ.bon, russ-mem.bon,
    invil.bon, invil03.bon, invil05.bon, invil0.bon, invil00.bon, invil-mem.bon,
    cfr.f, date12.f,
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