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Sea Level in Venice 1909-2000
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  • Canestrelli 2009? (Q04-09, Le "acque alte")
  • Carbognin et al., 2010 Laura Carbognin, Pietro Teatini, Alberto Tomasin, Luigi Tosi: Global change and relative sea level rise at Venice: what impact in term of flooding, Clim Dyn, 35, 1039-1047, 2010.
  • Stage Thesis by Elisa Rosso (RICOSTRUZIONE DELLA SERIE STORICA DI VENEZIA – PUNTA DELLA SALUTE” (1924-2005)). link to Rosso's Thesis
  • (grafici livelli vari e isto)
  • Bock et al., 2012 Bock, Y., S. Wdowinski, A. Ferretti, F. Novali and A. Fumagalli: Recent subsidence of the Venice Lagoon from continuous GPS and interferometric synthetic aperture radar, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 13, Q03023, 2012
  • Baldin & Crosato, 2017 Baldin G., Crosato F.: L’innalzamento del livello medio del mare a Venezia: eustatismo e subsidenza. ISPRA Quaderni, Ricerca Marina 10/2017, Roma.
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  • (FERLA,2018: plots of Sea Level yearly data I've discretized)

  • Piecuch et al., 2019. C. G. Piecuch, F. M. Calafat, S. Dangendorf, G. Jordà: The Ability of Barotropic Models to Simulate Historical Mean Sea Level Changes from Coastal Tide Gauge Data , Surveys in Geophysics, 40, 1399-1435, 2019.
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  • Thomas Wysmuller, Nils-Axel Mörner, Joseph D’Aleo: Global warming is resulting in rising sea levels as seen in both tide gauge and satellite technology. REBUTTAL. a comment, December 07, 2019.
  • Rocco_Francois_Vincent_tesi-2015.pdf
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    (Rosso's Thesis)
    Plots, Figures        
    Sea Level and fits (pdf) (png) PSMSL 1909-2000
    LOMB Spectra (pdf) (png) 4 sections
    Detrended Sea Level (pdf) (png) PSMSL data detrendedfrom respective fit
    Extreme high levels (pdf) (png) Frequency of sea level ≥1.3 sigmai.e. ≥85.8x1.3
    Extreme low levels (pdf) (png) Frequency of sea level ≤1.3 sigmai.e. ≤85.8x1.3
    E. Rosso: max frequency (pdf) (png) Data from Tab.17An example from official datasets
    Elisa Rosso: medio mare (pdf) (png) Annual data from Tab.10 average sea level, 1924-2005
    E. Rosso:Tab. 17 & fits (pdf) (png) Tab.17, linear fits & detrended
    E. Rosso:Tab.2 (pdf) (png) Tab.2. ≥110 cm
    Slopes Trieste-Venice (pdf) (png) PSMSL data
    Tab.2 - TS (pdf) (png) Tab.2. ≥110 cmCorr. Trieste
    Tab.2 -TS Histo (pdf) (png) Tab.2. ≥110 cmCorr. Trieste
    Boldin-Crosato 2017 (pdf) (png) Figure 4tide ≥110cm
    Ferla 2018: Mean Sea Level (pdf) (png) Annual data from Slide 7 and stepwise fits,1872-2017
    Ferla 2018: Detrended (pdf) (png) Data from Slide 7, Detrended
    Ferla 2018: Histo (pdf) (png) binvx.txt
    Venice: 4 tide gauges (pdf) (png) PSMSL Map (Google)
    Venice: 4 tide gauges (pdf) (png) PSMSL Datasets Comparison
    Venice 5: P.Salute+Venezia II (pdf) (png) and Step-wise linear fits
    Venice 5: Detrended (pdf) (png) From Step-wise linear fits
    Venice 5: High-Low lev Histo (pdf) (png) >85.2 and < -85.2 mm
    Trieste1: Annual Mean Sea Level (pdf) (png) PSMSL 1875-2018and stepwise fits
    Trieste1: Monthly Mean Sea Level (pdf) (png) PSMSL 1875-2015and stepwise fits
    Genova1: Mean Sea Level (pdf) (png) PSMSL 1884-1997and stepwise fits
    ---- -------------
    Venice Punta Salute.txt
    LOMB Spectrum.out
    Detrended 09-30.txt
    LOMB 09-30.out
    Detrended 31-60.txt
    LOMB 31-60.out
    Detrended 61-00.txt
    LOMB 61-00.out
    Detrended PSMSL.txt
    Statistics of detrended data.out
    Frequency of ≥110.txtflood events.
    Frequency of ≤110.txtdrought events.
    Elisa Rosso: Tab.17.txt5-yr-cumulated bins
    Elisa Rosso: Tab.17 Extended.txtas above w/t Sums and diffs ≥110 cm
    medio mare: Tab.10.txt1924-2005
    Elisa Rosso: Tab.2.txtDate and level of tides ≥110 cm
    Elisa Rosso: Tab.2.datDate and level of tides ≥110 cm File used here
    Tab.2-TS.txtDate and level of tides ≥110 cm
    Tab.2-TS Histo.txtDate and level of tides ≥110 cm
    Ferla 2018: Slide 7.txt
    Ferla 2018: Detrended.txt
    Ferla 2018: Histo.txt
    Venezia1: Data.txtArsenale
    Venezia2: Data.txtVenezia II
    Venezia3: Data.txtSanto Stefano
    Venezia5: Data.txtVenezia4 + Venezia2 Punta Salute+Venezia II
    Venezia5: Detrended.txtfrom respectibve fits Punta Salute+Venezia II
    Venezia5: Binned data.txtlow-high water
    Trieste1: Annual Data.txt
    Trieste1: Fits of annual.appNumerical values
    Trieste1: Monthly Data.txt
    Trieste1: Fits of monthly.appNumerical values
    Genova1: Data.txtmonthly data
    Genova1: Fits.appNumerical values

    venezia4.bon ven4-lomb.bon detrend.bon ven-tg.bon ven-tg2.bon
    venezia5.bon ven5-det.bon tsve.bon ge110.bon ge110ts.bon ge110ts-isto.bon
    psmsl-110.bon psmsl+110.bon rosso-fm.bon medio-mare.bon vx.bon detvx.bon vx366.bon tx.bon genova1.bon
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