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Tornado, USA 1950-2017
Hurricanes Landfal time, USA 1967-2018
Hurricanes: Revised HURDAT2 Dataset 1851-2018
(HURDAT2 is NHC's Atlantic hurricane database)
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  • Tornado NOAA page (
  • Roy Spencer's post about Tornadoes
  • Twitter from Ryan Maue WUWT on May 28, 2019 (no more available from Twitter!!! -April 30, 2021)
  • Brooks et. al., 2014 (full text, not available on the net).
  • Brooks H.E., Carbin G.W., Marsh P.T.: Increased variability of tornado occurrence in the United States, Science, 346, 6207, 2014.

    Hurricanes, added on November 15, 2020

  • Li-Chakraborty-2020. Li, L., Chakraborty, P.: Slower decay of landfalling hurricanes in a warming world. Nature 587, 230–234, 2020.
  • See also:
  • and (use original rather than filtered -two times!- data)
  • and (new Maue's twitter Nov 11,2020)

    Hurricanes, revised dataset 1851-2018 (July 3, 2021, CM188)

  • Landsea & Blake on 2020 Season (NOAA National Hurricane Center); WUWT
  • The above, in pdf format
  • Atlantic Hurricane Database Re-analysis Project; Comparison Original-Revised DATABASE
  • See also: No Changes between present and future cyclone energy (P.Gosselin, July 10, 2021
  • Vecchi et al., 2021. Vecchi Gabriel A., Christopher Landsea, Wei Zhang, Gabriele Villarini & Thomas Knutson: Changes in Atlantic major hurricane frequency since the late-19th century, Nature Communications, 12, 4054, 2021.
    Plots, Figures        
    Tornadoes by Roy Spencer (jpg)Category F3-F5 Figure from the above link
    Tornadoes per year (pdf) (png) Category F3-F5
    Tornadoes/fit (pdf) (png) Comparison histograms/fit parameters
    CCF AMO-Tornadoes (pdf) (png) Cross Correlation Function: AMO (inverted) and Tornadoes ≥F3
    MEM Spectra of Tornadoes (pdf) (png) MEM Spectrum of Tornadoes
    Hurricanes all (pdf) (png) Hurricanes as Li-Chakraborty2020
    Hurricanes no-Maue (pdf) (png) Hurricanes without Maue's list
    Revised DB: All toghether (pdf) (png) rev-h.Revised data 1851-2018
    Plots and fit params (Rev DB) (png) All together
    Revised DB Histo: Named Storms (pdf) (png) rev-hh1
    Revised DB Histo: Hurricanes (pdf) (png) rev-hh2F1-F5
    Revised DB Histo: Major Hurricanes (pdf) (png) rev-hh3F3-F5
    Revised DB Histo: USA Landfall (pdf) (png) rev-hh4
    Revised DB Histo: ACE (pdf) (png) rev-hh5Accumulated Cyclone Energy
    All Histograms Together (pdf) (png) rev-hh6As post's figure 2
    HH1-MEM: Named Storms (pdf) (png)
    HH2-MEM: Hurricanes (pdf) (png)
    HH3-MEM: Major Hurricanes (pdf) (png)
    HH4-MEM: USA Landfall (pdf) (png)
    HH5-MEM: ACE (pdf) (png)
    All Spectra Together (pdf) (png) rev-hh6-memAs post's figure 3
    Spectral Maxima Distribution (pdf) (png) (cap)5-yr bins Compare to PDO-AMO-NAO Spectra (FZ,unpublished, pdf)
    ---- -------------
    Original dataset .csv64336 rows 1950-2017_all_tornadoes.csv
    Comment to dataset pdf SPC_severe_database_description
    All data .txt+39000 rows
    Data F3 through F5 .txtge3.txt
    Histogram data .outtorn.out
    Comp. Histo-fits .apptorn.appFit's parameters
    AMO .datAMO 1860-2016. Annual follows
    CCF AMO-Torn OBS .outAMO & Tornadoes, observed
    CCF AMO-Torn SMOO .outAMO & Tornadoes, smoothed
    MEM F3 .outMEM Spectrum of F3
    MEM F4 .outMEM Spectrum of F4
    MEM F5 .outMEM Spectrum of F5
    MEM All .outMEM Spectrum of All
    Hurricanes orig (xlsx) Original Dataset (Excel)
    Hurricanes Excel (dat) Hurricanes from Li-Chakraborty2020
    Hurricanes all (txt) Hurricanes as in Li-Chakraborty2020
    Hurricanes-all fit (out) slope=0.238 hour/yrHurricanes-all fit
    Hurricanes no-Maue (txt) Hurricanes without Maue's list
    Hurricanes no-Maue fit (out) slope=0.063 hour/yrslope-yes/slope-no=37.8
    Revised HURDAT2 (txt) Original database
    Revised HURDAT2 (txt) Actual dataset
    Params of linear fits (app) Revised Series
    HH1-MEM (out)
    HH2-MEM (out)
    HH3-MEM (out)
    HH4-MEM (out)
    HH5-MEM (out)
    Spectral Maxima (5-yr bins) (txt) All Series

    tornh.bon, cfr-amo-torn.bon, torn-mem.bon, torn.f, estrai.f,
    hurri-si.bon, hurri-no.bon,
    rev-h.bon, rev-hh1.bon, rev-hh2.bon, rev-hh3.bon, rev-hh4.bon, rev-hh5.bon,
    rev-hh1-mem.bon, rev-hh2-mem.bon, rev-hh3-mem.bon, rev-hh4-mem.bon, rev-hh5-mem.bon,
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