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Monthly-and-Annual Sahel Precipitation 1901-2016. 2nd part

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    Sahel monthly(pdf) (png) Monthly data 1901-2016
    Sahel monthly ACF(pdf) (png) Monthly data 1901-2016
    Sahel annual(pdf) (png) Annual data 1901-2016
    Sahel annual ellipses(pdf) (png) Annual data 1901-2016
    Sahel annual ACF(pdf) (png) Annual data 1901-2016
    SSN-V2 annual(pdf) (png) Annual data 1700-2018
    SSN-V2-Sahel CCF(pdf) (png) Cross Correlation Function 1901-2017
    SST HadCrut(pdf) (png) 1850-2012
    Sahel monthly(txt) Sahel rain (mm)
    Sahel monthly ACF(out)
    Sahel monthly LOMB(dat) LOMB Spectrum
    Sahel annual(txt) Sahel rain (mm)
    Sahel annual ACF(out)
    Sahel annual MEM(dat) MEM Spectrum
    SSN-V2/Sahel CCF(out)CCF 50 lags
    SSN-V2/Sahel Pearson(out)1901-1970; 1970-2007
    SST HadCrut (txt) SST Global (°C)
    SST HC MEM(out)

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