Fish and Fishery in Bering Sea - North Pacific. 2016 data (last update)

Map of the Bering Sea Fig 1. Map of the Bering Sea showing the location of St. Paul Island and Mooring 2 (M2).
See also map (site 2) and the relative NOAA site.
Arctic Region (pdf)
data from: Bering Climate (ascii data: [select series] then List Data)
2016 Spectral data summarized in this Calc sheet
Di Lorenzo and Mantua (2016) paper and Suppl. Info.

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    •• FISH•• 201610 series   
    Turbot (pdf) (png) Rombo Groenlandese img
    Cod (pdf) (png) Merluzzo del Pacifico img
    Flathead Sole (pdf) (png) Sogliola testa-piatta img
    Flounder (pdf) (png) Passera Nera img
    Herring (pdf) (png) Aringa img
    Perch (pdf) (png) Persico img
    Plaice (pdf) (png) Platessa img
    Pollock (pdf) (png) Merluzzo Giallo img
    Rock Sole (pdf) (png) Sogliola img
    Salmon (pdf) (png) Salmone Sockeye img
    Yellowfin-sole (pdf) (png) Sogliola Limanda img
    (pinna gialla)
    Summary Table
    Period distribution (pdf) (png) in 2-yrs period classes(data) (fit)
    ••BIOLOGY•• 20168 series   
    Snow Crab (pdf) (png) Granchio img
    Diversity (pdf) (png) Shannon-Wiener Indexanomalies
    Echino (pdf) (png) Echinodermi kg/km^2anomalies
    Jelly (pdf) (png) Medusa img
    Plankton (pdf) (png) descrizione
    Seal St.Paul (pdf) (png) Foca img
    Seal 2 St.George (pdf) (png) Foca img
    Trawl (pdf) (png) Strascico
    Summary Table
    Period distribution (pdf) (png) in 2-yrs period classes(data) (fit)
    PDO 1845-2019 (pdf) (png) Pacific Decadal OscillationNOAA-NCDC, annual means
    ••CLIMATE INDICES•• 201616 series   
    Enso MEI (pdf) (png) Multivariate Enso Index
    EPI (pdf) (png) East Pacific Index
    IRI (pdf) (png) Ice Retreat Index
    NPI (pdf) (png) North Pacific Index
    PDO winter (pdf) (png) Pacific Decadal Oscillation1900-2016
    PDO summer (pdf) (png) Pacific Decadal Oscillation1900-2016
    PDO annual (pdf) (png) Pacific Decadal Oscillation1900-2016
    PNA (CPC) (pdf) (png) Pacific-North Atlantic IndexCPC Method
    PNA (WG) (pdf) (png) Pacific-North Atlantic IndexWG Method
    SAI (pdf) (png) Siberian/Alaskan IndexDJFM, 1949-2011
    SI (pdf) (png) Siberian IndexDJFM, 1949-2011
    AI (pdf) (png) Alaskan IndexDJFM, 1949-2011
    SST1-4 (pdf) (png) SST Jan-Aprat Mooring 2
    SST Pribilof (pdf) (png) SST JFMHere, Pribilof Islands
    WPI-DJF (pdf) (png) West Pacific index in DJF
    WPI-MAM (pdf) (png) West Pacific index in MAM
    Summary Table
    Period distribution (pdf) (png) in 2-yrs period classes(data) (fit 80) (fit 30)
    ••ATMOSPHERE•• 20167 series   
    NS-WIND speed (pdf) (png) North-South wind speed Dec-Mar, Standard deviation
    WS-NA (pdf) (png) Wind stressNov-Apr
    WS-MJ (pdf) (png) Wind stressMay-Jun
    SLP DJFM (pdf) (png) Sea Level PressureWinter
    SLP AMJ (pdf) (png) Sea Level PressureSpring
    SAT StPaul DJFM (pdf) (png) Surf Air TempWinter
    SAT St Paul Annual (pdf) (png) Surf Air TempAnnual
    4-examples plot (pdf) (png)one for any classComposita
    -------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
    Data .txt input data - MEM spectrumfrom: here
    FISH 2016   
    Turbot .txt mem.out 1977-2017 Rombo Groenlandese
    Cod .txt mem.out 1977-2016 Merluzzo del Pacifico
    Flathead .txt mem.out 1977-2015Sogliola testa-piatta
    Flounder .txt mem.out 1976-2014 Passera Nera
    Herring .txt mem.out 1965-2014 Aringa
    Perch .txt mem.out 1977-2015 Persico
    Plaice .txt mem.out 1975-2014 Platessa
    Pollock .txt mem.out 1964-2015 Merluzzo Giallo
    Rock Sole .txt mem.out 1971-2014Sogliola
    Salmon .txt mem.out 1956-2007Salmone Sockeye
    Yellowfin Sole .txt mem.out 1964-2015Sogliola Limanda
    BIOLOGY 2016
    Snow Crab .txt mem.out Granchio
    Diversity .txt mem.out Shannon-Wiener Index diversità
    Echino .txt mem.out Echinodermi kg/km^2 Biomassa anom.
    Jelly .txt mem.out Meduse Biomassa in kg/km^2
    Plankton .txt mem.out plankton Biomassa in kg/km^2
    Seal St.Paul .txt mem.out Foca descrizione
    Seal 2 St.George .txt mem.out Foca descrizione
    Trawl .txt mem.out Strascico descrizione
    PDO 1845-2019 .txt mem.out PDO index from NOAA-NCDC
    Enso MEI .txt mem.out Multivariate ENSO Index Winter (Dec-Jan), 1950-2016
    EPI .txt mem.out East Pacific Index winter JFM
    IRI .txt mem.out Ice Retreat Index Days after Mar-15 near Mooring 2
    NPI .txt mem.out North Pacific Index NDJFM, 1900-2016
    PDO winter .txt mem.out Winter PDO index DJF, 1901-2016
    PDO summer .txt mem.out Summer PDO index JJA, 1900-2016
    PDO annual .txt mem.outAnnual PDO Index,Jan-Dec, 1900-2016
    PNA (CPC) .txt mem.out Pacific North Atlantic Index CPC Method, DJF
    PNA (WG) .txt mem.out Pacific North Atlantic Index WG Method, DJF
    SAI .txt mem.out Siberian/Alaskan index DJFM, 1949-2013
    SI .txt mem.out Siberian Index DJFM, 1949-2013
    AI .txt mem.out Alaskan Index DJFM, 1949-2013
    SST1-4 .txt mem.out Sea Surf Temp @ Mooring2Jan-Apr,1950-2013
    SST Pribilof .txt mem.out Sea Surf Temp @ Pribilof IsJFM,1948-2013
    WPI-DJF .txt mem.outWest Pacific index DJF,1951-2016
    WPI-MAM .txt mem.outWest Pacific indexMAM,1950-2016
    NS-WIND speed .txt mem.out N-S wind speed anom Std. dev., DJFM
    WS-NA .txt mem.outWind stress along PeninsulaNov-Apr,1951-2013
    WS-MJ .txt mem.outWind stress along Peninsula May-Jun,1950-2013
    SLP Ave .txt mem.outWinter Pressure, mem.out Spring Pressure
    SAT StPaul .txt mem.outWinter Air Temp, mem.out Annual Air Temp

    distro-fish.bon, distro-bio.bon, distro-ind.bon (2013 data)
    cod.bon, flathead.bon, flounder.bon, herring.bon, perch.bon, plaice.bon, pollock.bon, rock-sole.bon, salmon.bon, turbot.bon, yellofin-sole.bon,
    crab.bon, diversity.bon, echino.bon, jelly.bon, plank.bon, seal2.bon, seal.bon, trawl.bon,
    ai.bon, enso.bon, epi.bon, iri.bon, npi.bon, ns-wind.bon, pdo1.bon, pdo2.bon, pdo.bon, pdo-20yr.bon,
    pna2.bon, pna.bon, sai.bon, si.bon, sst1-4.bon, sst-pribilof.bon, wpi1.bon, wpi.bon, ws1.bon, ws.bon, slpw.bon, slps.bon,

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