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Spectral Atlas and Persistence
Of Climatic Datasets

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Anja Eichler, Susanne Olivier, Keith Henderson, Andreas Laube, Jürg Beer, Tatyana Papina, Heinz W. Gäggeler and Margit Schwikowski: Temperature response in the Altai region lags solar forcing, GR Letters, 36, L01808, 2009. Auxiliary material at doi:10.1029/2008GL035930
Koutsoyiannis D.: The Hurst phenomenon and fractional Gaussian noise made easy , Hydrological Sciences-Journal-des Sciences Hydrologiques, 47:4, 573-595, 2002. doi:10.1080/02626660209492961
Koutsoyiannis D.: Climate change, the Hurst phenomenon, and hydrological statistics , Hydrological Sciences-Journal-des Sciences Hydrologiques, 48:1, 3-24, 2003. doi:10.1623/hysj.481.3.43481
Koutsoyiannis D.: Nonstationarity versus scaling in hydrology , Journal of Hydrology, 324, 239-254, 2006. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2005.09.022
Vollweiler et al.,: Using First Differences to Reduce Inhomogeneity in Radiosonde Temperature Datasets, Journal of Climate, 17, 4171-4179, 2004. doi:10.1175/JCLI3198.1

(Full text: not available on the net)
  • Koutsoyiannis, 2002 ; Koutsoyiannis, 2003; Koutsoyiannis, 2006 ; Mureika's 2015 WUWT article (Persistence)
  • Eichler et al., 2009(Siberian Altai, Belukha);
  • Free et al., 2004(Using First Differences for Radiosonde Data);
  • Lean, 2018 (TSI Model 850-2016 CE), text available;

    See here for derivatives/differences properties (at the bottom of the "Basic Properties of Derivative Signals" paragraph)
    "The derivative of a periodic signal containing several sine components of different frequency will still contain those same frequencies, but with altered amplitudes and phases."

    Atlas Content
    atlas contains the first 81 pages (through 20-PDO); atlas2 the second 83 pages (through 40-AO Combo) and atlas3 the remaining of the Atlas.
    Please note the weight in MB of the pdf files.
    atlas.odt (7.0MB) atlas2.odt (6.6MB) atlas3.odt (1.6MB)
    atlas.docx (6.0MB) atlas2.docx (5.7MB) atlas3.docx (1.4MB)
    atlas.pdf (74.5MB) atlas2.pdf (67.5MB) atlas3.pdf (15.6MB)

    Plots, Figures        
    Belukha Ice Core (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    Belukha Diff (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    Belukha ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.975; Hdiff=0.5
    Belukha Deriv (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    Belukha Deriv ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.975; Hdiff=0.5
    Belukha Comp (txt) Spectral Comparison
    ACE long (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    ACE Deriv (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    ACE ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.640; Hdiff=0.503
    ACE Comp (txt) Spectral Comparison
    SOIBOM (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum SOI from Aussie BOM
    SOIBOM Deriv (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    SOIBOM ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.865; Hder=0.644
    SOIBOM Comp (txt) Spectral Comparison
    TSI (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum Compare to Lean's Fig.12
    TSI log-log (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum Compare to TSI Deriv plot
    TSI Deriv (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    TSI ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.980; Hder=0.906
    TSI Comp (txt) Spectral Comparison
    TSI 1610-2011 (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum 2012 spectrum, 201 poles (first tests)
    ETA (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    ETA ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.789; Hder=0.566
    ETA Deriv (pdf) (png) and MEM Spectrum
    ETA Comp (txt) Spectral Comparison
    Sidney Sea Level (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum 1914/5-2018/2
    Sidney ACF (pdf) (png) Hobs=0.836; Hder=0.684
    Sidney Deriv (pdf) (png) and LOMB Spectrum
    Sidney Comp (txt) Spectral Comparison
    ---- -------------
    Belukha data .datObserved1255-1975
    Belukha ACF.outHobs=0.794
    Belukha MEM .outSpectrum
    Belukha Diff.txtDifferences
    Belukha Diff ACF.outHdiff=0.986
    Belukha Diff MEM.outSpectrum
    ACE long .datObserved1851-2016
    ACE ACF.outHobs=0.640
    ACE MEM .outSpectrum
    ACE Deriv.txtDerivatives
    ACE Deriv ACF.outHdiff=0.503
    ACE Deriv MEM.outSpectrum
    SOIBOM .txtObserved1876-2016/11
    SOIBOM ACF.outHobs=0.865
    SOIBOM MEM .outSpectrum
    SOIBOM Deriv.txtDerivatives
    SOIBOM Deriv ACF.outHder=0.644
    SOIBOM Deriv MEM.outSpectrum
    TSI .txtModel850-2016 CE
    TSI ACF.outHobs=0.980
    TSI MEM .outSpectrum
    TSI Deriv.outDerivatives
    TSI Deriv ACF.outHder=0.906
    TSI Deriv MEM.outSpectrum
    TSI 1610-2011 .txtModel1610-2011 CE
    TSI 1610-2011 MEM .outSpectrum
    ETA .txtYearly, Average1655-2016 CE
    ETA ACF.outHobs=0.789
    ETA LOMB .outSpectrum
    ETA Deriv.txtDerivatives
    ETA Deriv ACF.outHder=0.566
    ETA Deriv LOMB.outSpectrum
    Sidney sea level ORIG .txtMonthly values1914/5-2018/2 CE
    Sidney sea level .txtMonthly USED values1914/5-2018/2 CE
    Sidney ACF.outHobs=0.836
    Sidney LOMB .outSpectrum
    Sidney Deriv.txtDerivatives
    Sidney Deriv ACF.outHder=0.684
    Sidney Deriv LOMB.outSpectrum

    belu180.bon, belu180h.bon, belu180-acf.bon, belu180dh.bon,
    ace.bon, aceh.bon, ace-acf.bon,
    soibom.bon, soibomh.bon, soibom-acf.bon,
    tsi.bon, tsi-ll.bon, tsih.bon, tsi-acf.bon, TSI.bon,
    eta.bon, etah.bon, eta-acf.bon,
    sidney-sl.bon, sidneyh.bon, sidney-acf.bon,

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